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Slimdown Saturday: Late Edition

Note- This feature touches on a lot of issues for me and may include what you consider TMI, whether physical or emotional.  Harassing comments will be deleted.

Another week without a real post.  The same family member who was in the hospital last month is back in again.  Since Wednesday things have been pretty hectic around here.  Wednesday was a serious challenge for me while he was being admitted.  At one point I drove home with 5 donuts and I didn't eat ANY of them!  One of the  things I love about a Weight Watchers-style program is that I can have a donut if I really want one and still balance it out.  I was tempted by them, but I knew it wasn't the taste of a donut I wanted, but the comfort.  I'm trying not to eat like that anymore.  I treated myself that night by buying a watermelon and just going nuts on that instead.

My awareness of my patterns is really paying off.  I lost another 3.5lbs since last week!  I'm down to 203 now and closing in on my first goal...and the incentive present I'm planning on buying myself.  I'm feeling so good about this and I really appreciate all of the support I've gotten here and on Twitter.  You're helping me more than you know!

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I actually have crappy photos for you this time!  I felt it was time for updated progress.  I've lost 11lbs since starting this feature two weeks ago and I think the difference is starting to be noticeable.

The photo on the left is today (203lbs) and the one on the right was May 3rd (around 212lbs).  Not the biggest difference ever, but it's definitely progress!  Yay progress!  Hopefully he'll be out of the hospital soon and life will go back to semi-normal again.  I have actual topics I want to write about in this feature someday...

For now though, it's time for watermelon and a nap before work.  Thank you again for the inspiration and encouragement!


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  1. Good for you! It can be especially hard to keep this up in times of stress. As someone who has been up and down on the weight game, a few pounds may not look like much but they feel great.

    1. Thank you! :) It has been tough, but I keep reminding myself I'm doing it for my health and for some emotional stability.

  2. You look amazing, congrats and keep up the good work! <3 I'm on the same journey!

  3. You are such a cutie, great job! I'm also north of 200lb and have been eating for comfort a lot lately. Blech! Keep up the good (and inspiring) work. :)


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