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Sinful Colors Aubergine and Shock And Awe

It turns out that Walgreens wasn't the only chain to get new shades added to their Sinful Colors core line.  New shades were added at Target too.  Endless Blue, Shock And Awe, Jolt, Aubergine, and Sizzling started showing up in mid-spring.  It's old-ish news now, but I finally succumbed and bought two of them.

Aubergine is a raspberry crelly.

Stunning!  Aubergine takes three coats for opacity, but the crelly finish gives it a depth and a glow that a cream wouldn't have.  I think it's thin enough for jelly sandwiches, but I haven't tried it for one.  It's a fairly easy formula to work with and the result is gorgeous, deepening or lightening as the light changes.

Looks a bit familiar though, doesn't it?  I had to compare it to Truth Or Dare to see.

I-Aubergine * M-Truth Or Dare * R-Aubergine * P-Truth Or Dare

In the bottle they're virtually identical, but the difference in finish sets them apart from each other.  Aubergine's glow is set off even more in comparison to Truth Or Dare.  This is three coats of Aubergine and only one of Truth Or Dare.  If you missed Truth Or Dare, Aubergine is a good consolation.  I don't feel bad owning both, but they may be too similar for many people.

Shock And Awe is a royal blue cream.

My camera is fairly hopeless with blues, but this isn't *too* far off.  It's a bit darker in person.  This is two coats.  One coat isn't quite enough, but it's close.  Otherwise, it's essentially the standard thick formula of many Sinful Colors creams.

I'd heard it was similar to Endless Blue, but I had to see for myself.

I-Shock And Awe * M-Endless Blue
R-Shock And Awe * P-My Bouyfriend

Not dupes, but not terribly far off either.  Endless Blue is considerably more vivid and not as dark.   Shock And Awe does have a near-dupe in My Bouyfriend (from Sail La Vie/Ahoy There, which will be on the blog next week), but they're not identical either.  My Bouyfriend is a little lighter and slightly more indigo.

So even after three Sinful Colors posts this week, I still have more coming.  A bunch of stuff from other brands too...and more comparisons.  I *should* also be starting a new feature this weekend...should.  Little bit of proof that I do have a life outside of nail swatches.


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