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Sally Hansen Alexander Wang Spring '13 - Dune

Dune is another shade from the Designer Collection.  I have most of the shades from this collection, but I decided to break them up by designer because of time constraints and nail breaks and other unfun things like that.  Unlike the bright, edgy trio of shades from Tracy Reese, Alexander Wang's contribution is more subdued.  Just two shades from him, a beige and a white.  I didn't buy White Out, but Dune looked like something I might be able to pull off, so I bought it.

Dune is a light beige cream.

I said at the end of the Tracy Reese post that all of the reformulated Complete Salon Manicure shades I've tried applied beautifully.  Dune doesn't.  It's not awful, but it's got the usual problems of a white-based cream.  This is three coats.  At two it's streaky, but the third evens it out.  I'm guilty of rushing my paintjobs, and Dune doesn't like that.  Barely-visible bubbles showed up on a couple of nails.  I'll say this much about the formula though, it wears really well on me!  I wore Dune for a few days and it didn't budge at all, not even tipwear.  I was very impressed.

...the color though?  When I first put it on, I hated it.  Outright, full-on hate.  I'd only tried one light neutral before, and that was GHASTLY.  This wasn't as bad, but it took some getting used to.  The color in the bottle is calming and neutral.  On my nails it screams "BEIGE!!! I'M BEIGE!! REMEMBER GRANDMA'S BRAS?" and it brings out the red, yellow, and purple undertones in my hands.  Corpse fingers...yay.  Nichole had better luck with the similar Maybelline Sandstorm, but these shades can be tricky if you're pale.  Thing is, I wore it for a while and I stopped hating it.  I never really liked it, but it looked much better in full sunlight.  I think this type of color is better left to tan or naturally darker-toned people.  If colors like Dune look good on you, they're great summer neutrals.

Bottom line?  The formula gets a weak "ok" from me.  Three coats and a little bubbling because I hurried it...but it's white-based so I forgive it a little.  I don't consider it a very flattering shade on me, but it probably looks great on tanned hands.  It wore beautifully on me for a few days though, so it gets a thumbs up on that level.  It could be a decent base color too, when white would be too harsh.

Tomorrow's a big day for this blog.... *hint hint*


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