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Practice Makes Perfect

My eldest spawn is a ballerina. She has a BIG recital this weekend, and I figured I should probably practice the makeup. It's a little more involved this year than in previous years. Before, all I had to do was put a little brown eyeshadow through her brows, pink lipstick, and a touch of blush...this year there was "serious makeup" to be done. I received this video for instruction. (It's not the best quality. Bascially it's a gold eye with a dark v and an exaggerated cat eye.)

can we take a moment to appreciate how
even the liner is?

 Products Used:
Virgin, Smog, Half Baked, and Creep From the Urban Decay Naked Palette
Random Calvin Klein liner pen
Benefit Watts Up! 
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Cream Blush in Beaming
Buxom lip gloss in Laura
TheBalm Staniac lip stain

I think I need to use a different black, as Creep is quite soft and blends into a gray pretty easily. I'm sure I have one somewhere, possibly in the Octopus Palette. I didn't use a primer this time, as this was just practice, but I will definitely next time. Maybe NYX white eyeshadow base? I really want the gold to POP on her, and it seems pretty muted. I also didn't use the tape method, as I don't like the idea of sticking tape to her face. I saw this video a while back, and it works just as well.

She's pretty happy about wearing makeup.


  1. Replies
    1. :D She can be, definitely. I'll post some pictures from the recital soon. She was adorable!


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