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New Haircut!

I'm pretty sure I have hair ADD. I can't seem to keep a style or color for very long these days. For years, I never did anything differently...but then I started losing my hair. Now I want to try everything while I can, even though my hair is beginning to grow back in.

This is how I looked when I got home...
thanks to a misty and breezy summer day:

Brushed back

 All wonky

 Back to normal

I think this will be pretty easy to style most days, though variation might be hard to come by. I picked up some Sumotech by Bumble and Bumble for texture and hold. It is light enought for my thin hair, but still gives structure and life. Hopefully the wee tub will last me a while, since that stuff runs almost $30.

I may let the front grow longer, and keep the sides and back short. Or I might go all the way pixie next time. And of course, the color will not stay for longer than a few weeks. I'm kinda liking the more subtle blue. I used a Paul Mitchell Inkworks semi-permanent color in Blue. I'm not sure how well it'll hold onto my hair, compared to the Ion color I used previously. We'll see. It's only hair ;)


  1. Wow you look gorgeous! I love this style! And you're damn right to do as you want with it, it's just hair, it grows back and it's a good way to change without taking deadly risks :P

    1. thanks very much! :D I'm enjoying short hair now that we're having a hot spell. But it is definitely "weird" in the mornings!


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