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Soothing Oatmeal Facial Mask

Today, I burned the shit out of my face. I finally finished the Olay facial hair removing thingie, and upgraded to the medium-to-coarse hair version. It works much better for my stubborn sideburns. But I have to be careful with it, because my skin is pretty sensitive. If I don't rub that balm all over, I get wee chemical burns on my cheeks...which suck, by the way. But thankfully, everything I need to soothe my poor face is right in my kitchen!

Supplies needed:
plain old oatmeal. I use the Target store brand. 
plain greek yogurt. Full fat is best, but whatever you have handy will work. No fruit or anything silly.
a coffee grinder

ground up oats

Take a few tablespoons of oatmeal and stick them in a clean coffee grinder. (If you, like me, use your coffee grinder for spices, a few tablespoons of rice in the grinder will clean out most of the spices first.) Once you have ground your oats into a fine powder (which, by the way, is how you make Colloidal Oatmeal. Check out this video if you are curious. There really is a youtube video for everything.) you're pretty much done with the hard part. I generally make a cup or two at a time, and keep it in a mason jar. It's great for irritated skin. A few spoonfuls in the bath is also great for diaper rashes and excema.

plain greek yogurt.

Take a scoop and mix it into a few tablespoons of the yogurt. Mix well. The amount of yogurt you use will determine the thickness of the mask. I prefer a thicker mask, so I generally make this a 50/50 mix.

all mixed up. I prefer a thicker mix, so it doesn't slide
all over your face.

Go put on a movie that you've already seen a few thousand times, I like Bridesmaids lately. Lay a towel down over your pillow, slather the mix thickly over your face, and relax for 10 minutes or so. Rinse with lukewarm water, and moisturize. Easy peasy.

the mask, all over my face. awesome.


this side was the worst. it still stings, but it's much better

my face is much less red all over.  I love this stuff.

Here are some links if you want more info on oatmeal:

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  1. Well I am definitely keeping this recipe handy! Thanks for sharing :)!


    1. yay! You look a bit silly while wearing it, but I swear it works wonders.


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