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Coral Colored Beauty Queen

My search for the perfect coral is over. Beauty Queen, from Ulta, is my One. It's bright, almost neon. I tried really hard to get a true-to-life picture...and this is close. The setting sun + this new camera are giving me serious trouble. Regardless, it's the perfect color. The formula isn't the best, I needed 3 heavy coats for opacity here. That might have been the weather though, it's been unusually warm and humid lately.

I also noticed that it is very close to my brand-new OCC Lip Tar in Queen. I'll have to take pictures of the two together once the sun comes up. The lip tar is a little pinker, but hot-damn they could be sisters.

*Today is my 14th wedding anniversary. For those playing along at home, I turned 33 last week, and have been married 14 years. That does, in fact, mean I got married at 19. Holy Shit, right?


  1. Holy shit! Yes! Congratulations ^^

    That coral is quite stunning, I am glad you found the one. On to the next hunt now! ;)

    1. Yay! Thanks! Now it's back to the perfect nude! There is always something...;)


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