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DIY Mixing Medium

I've been on a major DIY kick lately. I think it's because all these damned companies are coming out with their Fall collections...and I'm on a self-imposed, super-restrictive beauty budget. And so I blithely enter the wild world of DIY.

A lovely, wonderful friend hooked me up with Sugarpill's Asteria shadow. It's amazing, but I'm bad-to-embarrassing with loose shadow on my best days. She suggested using Fix+ from MAC, but my budget allowed for a small bottle of that stuff...or polish remover. (You can guess which one I chose) Pretty much all of the recipes I found were similar: 3:1 ratio of water to glycerin. This really might have been the easiest DIY ever.

(I added 3 drops of rose water. Just so it'll smell pretty)

not pictured: rose water
and an empty container

The Process:

Fill the jar 1/4 of the way with glycerin. Fill the rest with water. Shake it to death. That's it. Seriously.

trying to take a picture of this was...challenging. A big
thanks to Thing #1 for letting me borrow her art.

Does it Work?

Yeah, it definitely makes the color bolder. Glycerin is a bit...slippy for my tastes though. I'm guessing over a good eye primer it would do OK. Still, considering this stuff was cheap-as-free, I can't complain.

Dip your brush into the liquid, and then blot it a bit, so it's not drippy. Then just dip it into your shadow. I still can't believe how simple this was.

top: swatched dry / bottom: swatched with my mix


  1. Hi, I'm so happy that I came across this. I recently purchased my first batch of loose shadows (mineral) and have been researching recipes for pressing. So I was wondering, have you attempted pressing? If so, which process did you follow?

  2. Okay! so I kept scrolling through your posts and just found the one about pressing from June 2013. You're awesome! Love the blog definitely bookmarking. Also, thanks for the nail polish swatches XD


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