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Sally Hansen + Prabal Gurung Fall '13

Hassles and impediments!  I'll grump about my week later...but for now...I have swatches!  Today I finally have part three of the Sally Hansen Designer Collection.  Check out my picks from Rodarte and Tracy Reese, if you haven't seen them already.  There are so many gorgeous shades in this collection!  As a group, the Prabal Gurung ones are unquestionably my favorites and I've been dying to post them

Coat Of Arms is a white gold foil.

White gold.  Foil.  *dies*  I adore foil finishes and yet I don't think I have anything else quite like Coat Of Arms.  It's not quite gold, not quite silver, but that perfect middle-ground.  It's opaque in two coats, but I had a little bit of bubbling that kept it from looking as smooth as it should have.  Everything is trying to bubble on me lately though, so I'm hesitant to blame the polishes themselves.  Even with a few big-ish bubbles, the shine and glow is just outstanding when the sun hits it.

The gold tones come out more in bright light.  In lower light you'd almost call it silver.

I mattified it  The white gold tone is most obvious when it's matte.

Even in lower light, it never looks completely silver this way.

Loden Green is an army green cream.

How completely perfect is this color?  The whole military trend is a bit much for me, but I'm 100% on-board with the green polish it's inspiring.  I had some issues with the formula, but again I'm tempted to blame myself.  Two coats went on just fine, but bubbled as they dried.  It didn't make it unwearable at all, since the bubbles were small.  I wore it as a full mani with the stamping for a couple of days last week.

Nightwatch is a dark blue cream.

My bubbling issues were above and beyond the first time I wore Nightwatch.  I had to redo it.  No bubbling at all the second time.  I really think I'm just having a bad streak.  Nightwatch has a great formula.  This is one coat!  There's a little bit of patchiness that shows under very bright light.  It's nothing you'd really notice in day-to-day situations and it could be prevented entirely with careful application or a second coat.  I'm in love with the depth of this color!

Bottom line: While Malbec is my favorite of any of this season's Designer Collection polishes, these three are my favorite designer trio.  I'd call Loden Green the must-have, especially if you're into the military trend.  Coat Of Arms is dazzling (and stamps really well) and Nightwatch is inky and deep and has a great formula.

So on Monday I mentioned down here that something had slipped my mind.  I don't know how it did.  The 'teaser' promo photos for the Spring '14 Designer Collection were posted to the Sally Hansen twitter feed!  At the time I wrote that only Tracy Reese's shades were up, but Rodarte has been added since.  The Tracy Reese shades are Batbano Blue (looks to be a shimmer), Mojito, and Carnivale.  I can't find names for the Rodarte ones yet, but their runway look was a really interesting tortoiseshell effect.  These won't be out until March of next year.  I think the anticipation is part of the thrill with these collections though.  I know it is for me.  Wonder who the third designer will be...

And the aforementioned bitching?  Afternoon appointments three days in a row, a dental infection, Blogger log-in problems, and antibiotics making me feel poisoned.  Not a good week!  I've been wearing Stocking Nude since SUNDAY!!  I have today to myself, mostly, but all I wanna do is eat carbs and pass out.  Bleh.  Not sure if I'll have a post up tomorrow or not at this rate.  On the upside, I found Sparitual Lithophonic and Osmium (pretty similar to Nightwatch, but I'm a glutton) at TJ Maxx yesterday!  That'll turn a bad day around fast.


  1. Love the swatches, I might have to splurge on Coat of Arms this weekend! Sorry to hear your week has been rough. I hope your weekend is lots better!

    1. Thanks! :) Sally Hansen's an Extrabucks deal at CVS (if you have one nearby) through Saturday. $5 EB when you spend $10. I used it to get Perfectly Poppy, since I'd been waffling over it. lol

  2. NIghtwatch is so gorgeous. I don't really need another dark blue, do I?


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