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OPI Movin' Out

Just a quick post today, since I'm a bit busy with life stuff.  Fun, positive stuff for a change though.  Yay!  I've been thinking about today's mani for weeks, but I didn't make my final choice until this morning.  I didn't want to do something too close to last year's Max Factor Fantasy Fire over China Glaze Man Hunt.  That ruled out a few combinations I tried.  I wound up going with a decade old OPI classic over a newer one, Movin' Out over Every Month Is Octoberfest.  EMiO's beauty is completely overshadowed by Movin' Out, so it gets its moment first.

I'd forgotten how outstanding EMiO is.  I remembered it being gorgeous, but...not this gorgeous...

If I had to pick a best new polish of the whole year last year, this might be the one....or maybe Wet N Wild Poison Ivy.  The glow...just....mmm...

I was almost tempted to leave it as-is, but...I bit the bullet and hid one beauty under another.  I'm gonna just let the photos speak for themselves here.  I can't possibly add anything with words.


So it's two favorites from my absolute favorite brand.  Perfect for tomorrow.  Even better, I'll have all of the Broadway duochromes as of tomorrow.  I've been waiting since APRIL for the three I'm getting and you can't imagine how pent up I am.  I was tempted to beg for them a day early so I could wear one today.  Ok, maybe I did beg and then changed my mind and just wore this.  Might have happened.  Anyway...gotta go get ready for festivities.


  1. Freakin' gorgeous! Just....gorgeous. Haha, I'd better stop before I start swearing! :)

  2. what do you use as a top coat. your nails look like diamonds :)

    1. Thanks! :) It's Seche Vite on these, I think.


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