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ELF Dupe for Urban Decay and Wet'n'Wild

I love a good dupe, even though most of the time I try to avoid buying them. A while ago, when I made my High Beam dupe, I accidentally stumbled on a dupe for an Urban Decay shadow from the Naked palette. I figured it deserved a mini-post all it's own.

I used ELF shadow in Wheat to make my bronzey highlighting cream. It looked oddly familiar, so I swatched it on the back of my hand before I destroyed it (in the name of science). I then went digging through my eyeshadows, and found what I was looking for: my Naked palette from Urban Decay.

I compared Wheat to Half Baked and Smog. Wheat is definitely the bastard child of these two shadows. It's far more powdery, and less pigmented than either Urban Decay shadow...but for a buck, I'm not going to complain.

swatched dry without primer

Since it is such a close cousin to Smog, it would probably be a good dupe for the crease color from the Wet'n'Wild Walking on Eggshells trio. The quality of the WnW is much higher than ELF, but it you are in a serious budget-crunch, then it is definitely worth picking up. In fact, if you can find a pink in the ELF singles, then you could create your own neutral palette akin to Walking on Eggshells with ELF Ivory, Wheat, and a soft pink (which my Target didn't have).


  1. Dupe...

    1. a) love that you used that meme.

      b) I think it's close enough to be a budget dupe.

    2. I....might have been thinking the same thing...

    3. should have used an amusing meme, then ;)

      Honestly, it is a lot closer in real lighting. You can't see how pitifully thin the elf shadow is.


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