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My Picks from SinfulShine Hot For Shine

When SinfulShine first showed up at one of my local Walgreens, I rushed to buy a few.  So far only Rebel has made it onto the blog.  I'm not completely convinced that they're worth the extra dollar, but Wisp is among the less troublesome white polishes I've tried.  It'll get a post on here eventually.  When I saw a new display on Nouveau Cheap, I actually oooh'ed out loud.  Some of them are very "me", to the point that I only skipped one.  Patent Pleasure is orange and I'm just not big on orange.  I bought my picks from this display the same day as my picks from Leather Luxe, also right out of the shipping boxes.  You may have noticed some of these shades as bases for my Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear glitter and LE Diamond Strength swatches recently.  I love that there are so many vibrant creams, crellies, and jellies out recently.  I'm really developing a passion for "plain" polish as I've seen some people call it.

*All of these swatches are with top coat except the one that notes otherwise*

Rise & Shinier is a vivid cool green cream.

...and it's a one-coater!  This is exactly what I want from every Sinful Colors or SinfulShine cream, color impact and thick smoothness.  Perfection.  I also love the self-referencing nod to Rise And Shine.  They're not dupes, by any means, but they're cousins that would probably compliment each other beautifully.

Sleek is an azure blue cream.

This is a color that Sinful keeps returning to, time and again, with slight variations.  I can't say I blame them.  It's gorgeous.  Sadly, it's surprisingly thin.  This is three coats.  Really a letdown when it comes to Sinful.  My nails are so stained right now that I can't be sure if this is a stainer, but I'd guess that it is.  It reminds me of  Maybelline Azure Seas along with the many similar Sinful blues that have way better formulas.  Still, such a beautiful color.

Go Glossy is a bright fuchsia crelly.

This one's watery too, also taking three coats.  I can't blame it as much as Sleek, since it's got a sheer-ish formula.  In a collection that "rhymes" pretty strongly with previous Sinful Colors shades, I'd call this one a less flamboyant sister to Dream On.

Mirror Mirror is a dark red crelly.

Where Go Glossy is watery, Mirror Mirror is too thick.  This is two coats and I had bubbling issues.  It's sexy, but was a pain and I'll thin it before using it again.

Caving a bit to the premise of Sinful Shine, I took a photo of Mirror Mirror before topcoating it.  It shows how bad the bubbling was, but also validates the shine claim.

no topcoat

Shine Divine is a dark teal cream.

I have no clue what was going on with the lighting, but all of my photos of Shine Divine make me look either orange or translucent.  Sorry.  Two coats for this one.  It sorta reminds me of a lighter (and kinda sucky) Calypso.  It's patchy in this light, but looks better in person.  Not a bad color, but I prefer Calypso.

Who's The Gloss is a deep taupe full of warm purple shimmer.

Sinful finally dupes Chanel instead of just OPI!  Hooray!  I love this so much.  Nichole, you were right...or you will be in a few days.  This is two coats and the formula was good.  It's similar to other Paradoxal dupes, but seems to be purpler...which is awesome.  Yay!

Slick is a metallic purple with a blue duochrome shift.

I saved one of the best for last.  Slick is like the lovechild of two classics, Sinful Colors Let's Talk (my photo is waaay off color-wise and almost a year old) and OPI Glacier Bay Blues.  It's almost a one-coater, but I used two.  There's a hint of brushstroking, but nothing horrible.  The shift to blue is sudden and really hard to photograph.  I was so worried that these photos wouldn't turn out right at all.  They looked 100% blue on my camera's preview screen, but they're purple on computer screens.  *phew*  Still, my photos barely convey the awesomeness.  At extreme angles, the whole nail is blue-green, but I just couldn't get it to show up right.  Do yourself a massive favor and see it in person.

You see the blue on the bottle up there?  It translates to the nail.  Really.  It's also even shinier and glowier than Let's Talk.

Bottom line: Overall, this first seasonal SinfulShine collection is really good.  All of the colors are interesting and eye-catching, but there are a few iffy formulas.  Mirror Mirror bubbled, Sleek and Go Glossy are watery, and Shine Divine can be a bit patchy.  The rest are all good or great.  My strongest recommendations go to Rise And Shinier, Slick, and Who's The Gloss.  In that order.  I wouldn't warn against any of them, but my weakest "yes" goes to Sleek.  Between the watery formula and dupey can find a better azure cream.

Well...the polish is pretty, but my feelings toward Sinful Colors as a company are a bit ugly right now.  They have a bit of a history of ignoring the rights of bloggers, and now they've done it to me.  On one level I'm flattered.  Whoever runs their Instagram account clearly likes my swatches.  On another level, I feel a little sick.  (Not just personally, but for the others whose photos are also used without credit.)  I'm not given any credit for my ownership of my photos or for the time and money (partly to them) that I invest in swatching.  I know I don't watermark my photos, but legally it doesn't matter.  America became a party to the Berne Convention in 1988, so my rights to my photos are protected both as photos which I took and as a publication on this blog.  The thing is, I don't want them taken down.  I just want the credit I deserve...and the traffic it would bring.  I have tried to contact Sinful Colors several times recently on different sites, but have not received a reply.  If all else fails, I will either contact Revlon as their parent company or I will just report the violation to Instagram and have the photos removed.  That's really not what I want.  I'm not asking you to boycott the brand (or Revlon), but I couldn't keep quiet about their disrespectful and illegal behavior anymore.  I'm still going to buy their polish and post it on here, but I might be watermarking just those swatches...and I'll feel a little sick again each time I give them a bit of my money or post my generally gushing reviews of the polish I still really do mostly love.  Yuck.


  1. I love Who's the Gloss as well! Did you not like Patent Pleasure? It is a gorgeous orange/green color. I have not seen anything like that.

    1. I'm kinda still warming to orange. lol I didn't notice green to it...and now I kinda want another look at it.

  2. This baffles me. This isn't the first company to do this. Are hand models that expensive? Is a link that hard to add?

    Try speaking up on their Facebook page. That kind of stuff tends to get at least some sort of answer or support.

    1. I know, I don't understand it either. Even just "photo from" would have been enough for me.

      I might, but I know the kinds of messes that happen on FB, so I tried a message first.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I just looked at the Instagram account and then I went on their website. That Instagram account may not be endorsed or created by the company. They only list having Facebook and Twitter accounts on their website.

    I would contact them through their Facebook. They are usually pretty good at responding to your questions that way. You can access their social media pages through their website I hope you can get this resolved quickly!!

    1. I'm not sure if it's official or not. I tried their website's submission form, FB, and I tweeted them. Nothing so far. I don't want to start trouble by posting right on their FB page, so I sent a message.

    2. I just posted to their fb page, asking if they have an official instagram. We'll see. Push comes to shove, I will just comment on every. single. picture with a link back to the blog.

  5. Seems like all the trouble started after Revlon bought them. If I were you I'd just watermark my photos. I'm used to seeing them on everyone else's ;)


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