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Slimdown Saturday: I'm Back!

Note- This feature touches on a lot of issues for me and may include what you consider TMI, whether physical or emotional.  Harassing comments will be deleted.

I've seen people describe their lives as a juggling act, but I don't think that's right for mine.  My life is more like trying to walk too many dogs at the same time.  The big dogs try to pull you in different directions and the little dogs get tangled or seem like they'll get trampled.  It's an awkward simile, sure, but I feel like it explains a lot.  My healthy eating habits are like a teacup poodle.  That poor little thing gets lost in the pack sometimes.  I'm really trying to give it more pull.

Despite being busy and kinda stressed out this week, I think I walked the dogs pretty well overall.  I counted my points and behaved myself.  I stopped avoiding the scale too.  Things aren't as bad as I expected.  I'm 200.5lbs.  That's 2.5lbs more than I was before the meh-valanche, but it's nothing really in the grand scheme.  I never set week to week goals, but it's possible I could be back to 198 next week.  Never know.

I have to thank everyone who's been supporting me for this and with my recurring family emergency.  If you didn't see my post yesterday, he's been discharged from the hospital again.  There's no magic wand solution here, but he keeps improving overall and that's what matters.  I have to keep that kind of thing in mind for myself too.  My weight and the issues behind it will never be a quick fix, but steady (or even not-so-steady) improvement is meaningful.

About the comments, I'm sorry it takes me ages to reply sometimes.  I do most of my writing at work, but for some reason I can't reply on that computer.  My ancient phone doesn't let me either, so I can only do it at home.  I didn't get much downtime last week, so I am waaay behind on replying.  I want commenters to know that I read them pretty much right away and I appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement....even if it takes me over a week to say so.  Thank you all, again!


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  1. I LOVE the dogs metaphor! Brilliant idea :) Also, I'm glad that he's out of hospital again, I hope things improve soon, and I hope that you keep seeing the improvement with your weight that you want!


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