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Sons of Anarchy Ispired

One of my favorite shows, Sons of Anarchy, comes back tonight after what seems like a million year break. If you've never watched it, you should really check it out. It's exciting, gritty, suspensful, beautifully written...and has some definite eye candy. I decided to do a manicure for the premier, and started cruising around Pinterest for inspiration.

My Inspiration

My Version

Colors Used
Revlon Trade Winds
China Glaze Liquid Leather

Check it out tonight, September 10, at 10:00pm (7:00pm if you have directv and are on the west coast) on FX. It's a great show. 


  1. I love this !!!

    So excited about the 90 minute episode tonight ! I'm fairly obsessed with this show. What do you think about Charlie being cast in 50Sog ?

    1. I dunno. I love Charlie Hunnam, so I might just watch it for his sake. Have you seen Green Street Hooligans?

  2. Wow, those look incredible!

  3. This is so cool! How did you get that effect? I would love to try it

    1. its actually kinda easy. Paint your base color + top coat. Then apply a thick layer of your second color. Once it sets up, use a cotton ball/pad soaked with remover to wipe off bits of the top color. Then add top coat.

      I eventually plan to do a tutorial ;)

  4. Hi! I would love to know how u got this effect! Its really cool!


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