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Ipsy Bag: Augustember 2013

No, I did not make up my own month (but you can bet it'd be an awesome month). I can't call this my "Ipsy Bag: August 2013" because I didn't get the damned thing until September 4th. Which, by the way, is complete and utter bullshit.

and yes, that's the same bag as last month.

Apparently, my bag got lost somewhere. I contacted Ipsy, and I was basically told "oh, it'll get there. Just be patient." Seriously? This was after my bag had been in the state for nine calendar days. After twelve days, I emailed them again, and they told me they were resending the bag. This is where I began to lose my patience. Instead of "Oh wow, we're so sorry. Let us rush you this bag right away!" or "we will send another one immediately, let us credit you this month for the inconvenience!" I was told "We will ship a second bag. It should be there in 4-6 weeks." Wut. Really? At this point I was beyond annoyed with them. I asked for a refund for this month, since I technically got shit for August. They responded with "well, if it doesn't get there soon, we can refund you." Lucky for them, it arrived the next afternoon.

Tl;dr is I'm not a happy customer right now. They need some lessons in efficient customer service.

On to happier things. At least the delay saved me from getting yet another lip balm. Instead I got a deluxe sample size of the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. (yay!) I also got a BB cream instead of a poorly-reviewed mascara. I guess it wasn't a total loss this month.

The Goods:

Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Catfight
Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder in Bronze 
Chella Brow Pencil in Dazzling Dark Brown
Pacifica Natural Skincare Alight Multimineral BB Cream

Top: UD lipstick, brow pencil and shimmer powder swatch.
And a dollop of the scrub. It felt really nice on my hand.
Bottom: The Chella Pencil and the shimmer powder.

My thoughts:

I love the lipstick. It has a lovely creamy smoothness to it and is so easy to wear. I absolutely love the color and pigmentation. It's not exactly unique, but it is really great. I already had the shade Naked, and I was underwhelmed by the formula. Thankfully, this one is much better. I definitely recommend it.

The Chella pencil seems like it wants to be an Anastasia dupe. It has a super fine, squared off tip. It's a dark, warm it doesn't match me perfect. But when I wore it, it wasn't "omg warm" so I might use it as my hair color fades. It's also a bit cheaper than the Anastasia Brow Wiz at $18, but if you have dark hair, and prefer a cooler toned brown, then you are out-of-luck as this is the darkest color they offer. If you are auburn or red, check them out though. This might be your perfect brow pencil.

The Mica Beauty shimmer powder I could take or leave, to be perfectly honest. It's a very shiny shimmer and fairly well pigmented. Even without primer, it looks just like it does in the pot and doesn't spread all over the place. But it is very orange. It reminds me of a less-spectacular Asteria from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

The BB Cream. Wow. So much wrong here, I don't know where to start. it has "...specialized mineral pigments [that] instantly adjust to your skin." Unless you are a little pale or a little dark. It really isn't as bad as some of the "one shade fits all" BB creams that are around, the orange tinge it gave me was decidedly less oompa-loompa than I expected. It's also got shimmer. A lot of shimmer. I'm getting older, and the last thing I want is a sparkly face during the day. I also found it extremely greasy on my skin. The shimmer and shine combined to make me feel like an oiled-up disco ball.

I have nothing to say, as yet, about the scrub. I'm not daring enough to try it out on my freshly waxed face. But I promise to give it a proper review soon.

Pacifica Alight Multimineral BB Cream

OH. MY. GOD. The sparkles.
So, this month was rough. I nearly didn't get a bag, but when it finally came, it contained the one thing I really wanted...I'm not happy, but I won't be cancelling. If you want to check out Ipsy, you can always use my referral link here.


  1. Whoa, that sucks it took so long. I think mine got here around the 20th. Still pretty sucky ship time tho. They need a better system, that DHL thing is a pain in the ass.

    Did you not get the little purple bag ? It's not cute, but I suppose it's functional. I got the lip balm, lol. I've only been a member for a few months but I have yet to get the fancy item.

    I've seen some mixed comments about the facial scrub. I got the same one, but haven't tried it.

    I wonder what (and when) we will get this month !

  2. i really love that pen and lipstick


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