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Ipsy Bag: September 2013

Seems like only yesterday I was ranting about my Augustember bag...and with good reason. I received September's bag only 9 short days after Augustember arrived on my doorstep.

The Goodies
Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple
NYX eyeshadow single in Golden Poppy
It's So Big volumizing mascara by Elizabeth Mott
Starlooks Kohl Eye Pencil in Obsidian
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels x2

top: the "tinted lip balm"
bottom: nyx eyeshadow

left: the kohl pencil
right: mascara
My Thoughts:

The "tinted lip balm"...I don't think they know what that phrase means. This is super matte, super opaque, long lasting lipstick. It's a really pretty cherry red color, but the formula is a bit on the drying side. It does last quite well, however. I made it several hours with only minimal fading on my upper lip. The only problem was it didn't want to stick to the inner part of my all. That was mildly annoying, but not a deal breaker. I can definitely see using this stuff again.

I'm a fan of NYX, so maybe I'm not the most objective party here. It has the quality I expect from NYX. It's a very buttery, light gold color. A bit on the sheer side for my liking, but very wearable and easy to blend.

I am very surprised by the kohl pencil. I am generally not a fan of them, because I have oily lids and they likes to travel on me. This one, after 6 hours, is still mostly where I put it. It's very smooth and comfortable to apply...I was worried it would be dry and painful to drag across my lids. But it really is nice. It also smudges beautifully. I think this would be a good pencil for those who love a smoky eye. Overall, I'm happy with it, but I doubt I'd repurchase.

The mascara I could take or leave. I don't feel like my lashes look that much fuller than normal, and it was a bit...weird to apply. It took me a good deal more swipes than normal for me to notice any difference at all in my lashes. On the plus side, it dries fairly soft so I don't feel like I have straw lashes.

I haven't used the eye patches yet. No idea if I will.

Bonus! I used (almost) everything on my face!

Products Used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX eyeshadow in Golden Poppy
Starlooks Kohl Pencil in Obsidian
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin
It's So Big mascara
Anastasia Brow Wiz in ebony
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primer in green (which needs a post of it's own.)
Youngblood Mineral Primer
Urban Decay Naked Skin in 01
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer
Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil
Cailyn "Tinted Lip Balm" in Big Apple

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  1. the eyeshadow is really pretty on you! I got a few Ipsy bags, and I enjoyed getting makeup, but the colors were never right. I just can't use ice blue roll on shimmer. I don't know if anyone can.

    1. thanks ;) Ice blue roll on shimmer...hmm. That is a tough one. Maybe you could use it as a highlight? It might be really pretty if you layered it over a black or navy.

  2. I used the eye patches and they worked! I was amazed. I might actually buy them. I got the same color NYX shadow as you did but haven't tried it yet. I had the same experience with the mascara- definitely will not buy. The eyeliner was good, I liked it.

    1. I've got the eye patches out right now, I was going to give them a try after my shower. I think we are in the minority about the liner...too bad. I really liked it. And that mascara...ugh.


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