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Sally Hansen Angel Bite and Gold Setting

I didn't shorten my nails.  These photos are from July.  They should have been part of my big Diamond Strength post, but I started growing my nails out for...a certain reason, so the difference looked too glaring.  I love this combo too much to let it slip through the cracks, so it gets a post all to itself.  As perfectly seasonable as it looks, these are both from spring collections....weird, right?  Angel Bite is one of the Prabal Gurung shades from that seasons's Designer Collection.  It felt so good to wear something vampy in the middle of a season of brights.

There's so much I love about both of these polishes and I absolutely adore them together.  The fuchsia/gold shift of Gold Setting really stands out against the dark base.

Mattifying brought the shift and the larger gold flakes out even more.

The combo was like a breath of crisp air back then and feels even more right now.

I really might need to wear this again sometime...

Feels weird looking at my nails at a kinda awkward mid-length like this.  If anything they're too long now...but I have sinister plans for them....mwahahahaha....


  1. I adore gold toppers, they transform a mani so beautifully :) This one's lovely!

  2. Preeeeeetty. Gold Setting and its collection never made it to stores around me. Love this combo...


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