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Pinspiration for Fall

Again with the Pinterest! It's a wonderful time-suck. But it's fall, and all the fun stuff is swirling around right now. I stumbled onto this picture from Glamour, and fell in love. It's perfect. Subtle, but still a standout. Apparently this is from the Tadashi Shoji show, a designer I know nothing about but am suddenly very curious about...

My Inspiration


The artist here used Butter London colors: Yummy Mummy and Hen Party, then layered on the Butter London Matte top coat. I don't have either of those colors, nor am I interested in spending $30 on one manicure. But I do have the matte top coat...and a Walgreen's around the corner.

My Version
(regular and matte)

Colors Used:

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant in Forever Fawn

I wish that you could see how awesome this looks in person. I used Amanda's patented "sponging" to apply the Rain Song, as I didn't want the purple tint to show up. It has such a lovely, soft green shift...I hate to say it, but I really like Rain Song. I'm not one for layering, but this is a lovely manicure. What a great way to step into fall, but still be SFW. In reality, it looks just like my inspiration picture...a rare accomplishment. I just love this. LOVE. Matte is so big this fall, and this is just a beautiful take on that trend. Everyone needs to try this!


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    1. thanks! I wish it looked as awesome in the pictures as it did in reality. The subtle shift of Rain Song was pretty amazing.


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