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SinfulShine Rebel

This polish keeps *almost* making it onto the blog.  I've had it for months and swatched or worn it at least four times, but somehow it never makes it into a post.  I wouldn't call it a favorite, but it's one of my go-to polishes to wear to work.

Rebel is a deep taupe cream.

(just about the slappiest of slap-dash jobs, but it performs well anyway)

If I'm feeling super lazy (which is pretty often, especially after a lot of swatching), I can get away with just one coat.  It really does need two, but one isn't that patchy.  I like the SinfulShine formulas overall, but I always top coat them.  It's especially important at work, where I write a lot.  I got grouched at once for getting salad dressing on my log sheet, so the last thing I need is polish marks.  I also want it to dry ASAP, since I scurry off to bed not too long after doing my work mani.  I've started using Seche Vite lately, despite being aware of its sometimes irksome behavior.  I'm just waiting for it to pull some horrible trick on me, but so far it's behaved.

Part of the reason I haven't posted Rebel before is that I don't ever seem to get *the* photo.  It does that taupe thing where sometimes it's almost purple-y and other times it's soft brown.  Just for fun, here's one from months ago when my nails were still all stumpy.

See what I mean about the brown?  It's about as 'edgy' as I feel comfortable being at work.  The wear time is decent on me.  I've worn it for a few days without chipping, on more than one occasion, but I always get tipwear after a day or two.  That's about average for the few polishes that I've worn for that long.

Bottom line: I like it.  It's kinda become my fallback polish for work.  Wears well, but I wouldn't call it long-wear.

Have you tried a SinfulShine yet?  Think they're different/better enough to be worth that extra $1?  I'm still kinda unconvinced.


  1. It looks really gorgeous! I sometimes am reticent to post things too because I just can't get *THAT* photo! I thought I was the only one that happened to.


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