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Wet n Wild All Access Matte - My Picks Pt 2

 purchased by me 

Part 2...or is it Part 3?  A couple of weeks ago I showed you guys three polishes from Wet n Wild's All Access Matte collection.  On Friday I followed up with three of the four lipsticks.  Today I'm wrapping things up, for this collection and for September, with the other three polishes.  I loved the previous three so much that I had to go back and see how the others were.  One thing I can say right off the bat, they have that same sweatery vibe and soft matte finish.

LAC-My Mani? is an ivory cream with a matte finish.

Colors like this are tough for me!  They tend to make me look a bit dead, but the warmth of the ivory color makes LAC somewhat more wearable.  It's also the most matte of the whole bunch.  I mostly bought this one for completion...and nail art.  I needed a good off-white.  It wasn't the easiest thing to apply, but for something white-based it's really not bad at all.  It was opaque in two coats, though I needed a third to even it out.  This wouldn't be an issue if you've got a really steady hand or plan on using topcoat.

I glossed it up to see if it would be right for nail art I'm planning.  Ideal!

with topcoat

Rouge 66 is a red matte crelly.

I swatched Rouge 66 on the same day as SinfulShine Devious.  Aside from drying satiny matte, Rouge 66 is also brighter...but it was still a large dose of lipstick red for one day.  I'm not sure why, but I had application issues with this one.  It was kinda draggy in a way that the others aren't.  Weird.  It also bubbled a tiny bit.  Phooey.  This is two coats, but there's a little VNL because of the crelly finish.

The VNL is slightly more visible when it's glossy, but still not overwhelming.  The flaws were minimal enough to vanish with topcoat.

with topcoat

Distressed To Impress is a matte mushroomy taupe cream.

I'm a total sucker for colors like this!  They're about as dark as I feel comfortable wearing to work.  I feel like I should have done some comparisons, but I didn't have the time.  My hunch is that Distressed is grayer than most of the mushroomy creams I have.  The formula is good, but not as good as some of the others in this collection.  It's a two-coater, but I had some minor...something.  It's either tinytiny bubbles or uneveness.  It's still nothing tragic or even particularly noticeable in person.

I glossed it up and wore it to work for one last NOTD with this oval shape!

Bottom line: If these feel a little "also-ran", they kinda are.  I like the other three way more, for both color and application.  They're nice, but I don't love them like I do the other three.  I had at least minor application issues with all three of this second bunch, but nothing ruinous.

It's the last day of September!  Some of you know what that means.  Come back around midnight (GMT -5) tonight and take a look.  We're up to something...

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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