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Cult Nails Tulum

 personal gift 

Just a quick, and late, little something today.  I've been swatching my butt off for something I'm planning for next week.  Cult Nails Tulum was my work mani for the past week.  My buddy McGee gave it to me when I visited over the summer.  She's still adjusting to neutrals and she insisted I take this one off her hands.  I can never say no to polish!  Thanks, McGee!  I definitely like it as a transition into fall, though it's right on the SFW borderline for someone as pale as me.

Tulum is a deep taupe with gold microfleck shimmer.

The formula's thinner than I've come to expect from Cult Nails.  I wound up needing three coats for full opacity.

Something super sparkly is on the way tomorrow...

 all products in this post were purchased by me or received as a personal gift


  1. Every time that you use Cult products it convinces me to buy stuff from them! What are some of your favorite shades from Cult?

    1. Their black, Nevermore, is my HG. So good! Tempest is a good "wearing" white, though a bit thick for layering. If you can still find Blaze or the shimmer topcoats, those are good too. I haven't had a bad experience with anything from them yet actually.


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