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Jessie's Girl Glee

I posted a couple of picture on instagram this weekend to announce it, but I finally went to Rite Aid and bought some Jessie's Girl polish. I dunno why it took my this long, it isn't like Rite Aid is that far away...but it's not on the way to anything, so going over there feels like a chore. But Friday night, sans kids, I wandered over...and grabbed Glee and Fire Fly. I think I'm in love.

This is a very close dupe for Orly Halley's Comet and Layla Soft-touch Turquoise Splash, but way more budget-friendly, which appeals to me more and more as my kids grow out of clothing faster and faster. I probably wouldn't buy a $10 polish on a whim these days...but a $4.99 I can justify.

Glee applies nicely, and I needed three coats to cover the streaks. I love how crazy-bright it is, way brighter than the Orly or the Layla. It also seems to be more green, but I need to actually look at all three in good light as the post I linked was done with different lights and camera. 

I highly recommend it, though I don't recommend googling it. I ended up with a bunch of images of some dude from a tv show...and he wasn't wearing this polish that I saw. 

 And of course, I added a matte coat for science. In person, it hardly dulled the glow. I lovelovelove this stuff. I wish I hadn't been so stubborn and lazy for so long!


  1. Reminds me of Zoya Charla or OPI Catch Me In Your Net.
    You probably saw the pictures of the dude because they sang "Jesse's Girl" on Glee in season 1 :)

    1. OOOOH. Thank you! I missed the whole Glee thing, but that makes sense!


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