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Wet n Wild Fall '14 - My Picks, Part 1

 purchased by me 

Not all that long ago I was still feeling very summery.  Dunno what happened, but something in my head went ding and now all I want is fall!  Wet n Wild's latest All Access Beauty collections are perfect for getting into an autumnal mood.  This post is "Part 1" because this time around, the lipsticks were as tempting as the nail polishes.  Look for three of them in a future post.  Today I've got three of the six polishes from this display.  I love the look of the whole sweatery color range, but I wound up with the three that are the most "me".

So Berry On Trend is a matte berry pink cream.

My kind of pink!  So Berry On Trend reminds me of a few from Sinful Colors.  Get It On, Truth Or Dare, Aubergine, and Berry Charm aren't quite this dark and mellow though.  The formula's really good.  Some mattes are chalky and tricky to apply, but I think the not-super-matte finish helps counter that.  This is two easy coats.

I glossed it up too, but I think I prefer it as its original soft matte.

Echo Dark is a deep, slightly green-leaning blue crelly with a matte finish.

It might bug some of you that these aren't as matte as some others, but I love the finish.  There's something relaxing about it somehow. crazily gorgeous is this blue!?  Combined with the satiny sheen and the slight "squish" I almost can't handle it.  The formula and application are both good and this is two coats.

Glossy it reminds me of...something?  Sation Rock A Guy Blue?  OPI Incognito In Sausalito or maybe We Saw Warsaw?  Something.  Gor-ge-ous!!

Careful, It's Vine-tage is a matte royal purple cream.

Blue is my favorite polish color, but purple is my "real" favorite.  That makes me super picky about purple polishes.  Vine-tage is pure win for me.  I think it's in my top five purple creams.  Same easy application and soft matte look as the other three and just...mmmm...

With shine added, it feels a little familiar too.  I sense comparisons coming...

Bottom line: If you're a fan of matte polishes, but not a stickler for serious full-on matteness, you probably need at least a couple from this collection.  If you like blue polish at all, you need Echo Deep.  All three applied easily.

I'm so pleased with these that I might go back for the other three.  Maybe.  I'm also eyeing the 8-pan there could wind up being four parts by the time I'm done.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. Ahh. I just spent $20 on Cherry Culture's website and now I want to go to Walgreens and snatch these up.

  2. I picked up this entire collection. I really love the not matte matte idea behind these!

  3. the blue is a dead-on dupe for OPNL Ink or Swim

  4. I'm so glad I got this whole collection... I'm saving them for my first ever galaxy mani!!!

  5. Did you have any drying problems with Echo Dark? G of Nouveau Cheape commented in her review that it didn't want to dry.

    1. I only swatched them, so I'm not sure about full drying. I usually do a coat of Seche Vite under the last coat of a matte polish for better wear and faster drying, since some do have issues with both.


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