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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Anime Duo

Yesterday I showed off the rather disappointing Black Dahlia duo...and today I have the wholly fabulous Anime duo! This might not be everyone's tune, but my-oh-my...I love hot pink.

The polish is a proper neon. Holyshit neon, in fact. My camera cannot handle neons well at all. But that is ok. 1980's me would have loved the hell out of this color. It is the perfect bright pink. Not too cool, not too warm. If Goldilocks had a nail polish addiction this would be her favorite color.

It also applies amazingly nice for a neon. I used no base for this, only three smooth thin coats. I was happily amazed at the lack of undies...because I hate having to paint my nails white in order to paint them a whole 'nother color. The only other neon I have that works as well is the Sally Girl neon pink...which is a slightly warmer version of this. If you are in the market for a neon pink, but hate the hassle of your average neon, then this is the polish for you.

And now for the Lip Tar. Unnnf. I love it. Somehow, its wearable and bright all at the same time. What madness is this?! I dunno...but I'm in love. Now that I have the full size, I think I need to try making some lip pencils out of the lip tar to carry around with me. I feel like this might be close to my perfect pink. 

It applied wonderfully. No fussing, patching, streaking, or cursing. I think Black Dahlia might just be a fluke. Anime wears well for hours, and only gets a wee bit dry feeling...which honestly for a long-wearing lip product is to be expected.

ignore my gray hair please
Unfortunately, the duos are already gone from Sephora. (sad trombone) But there are still a few of the other sets available at a really good price. If you are looking to dip your toes in, I highly recommend them. Considering that the regular price for a Lip Tar is $18, you are getting a pretty good deal.


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