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Leesha's Lacquer Fall 2014

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In an effort to broaden my Indie polish horizons, I've been throwing my line out in lots of directions. Happily, I got a bite from a brand that I had only drooled over on the internet! Leesha's Lacquer picked me! (yes, there was clapping. Shhh) She was kind enough to send me her Fall 2014 lineup, and let me tell you: it's pretty nifty.

Picking Pumpkins

two coats + seche vite
Picking Pumpkins is a blushing bronze packed with blue and red flecks. It has that "frothy" texture that you find with a lot of foily/shiny polishes (Color Club and Zoya, I'm looking at you...). Happily, this texture also means you don't have to do endless layers to get the bottle-look: two thin layers is all you need.

I swear I have a lipstick/eye shadow/something this color. Or I've seen one. Help me out, y'all. Have you seen this color?

two coats + seche vite

 Descending Dusk

two coats + seche vite
Descending Dusk is a cool medium grape foil with gold flecks. I feel like there is some silver in there as well, but it might just be the temperature of the shade. It's frothy as well and only needed two coats for opacity. With jewel tones being such a big thing for fall, I can definitely see this falling into heavy rotation.

I am an idiot, and never got a picture of Pumpkins with a matte topper...but I did remember to do it for Descending Dusk! You need to do this. Right now. Drop whatever you're doing (unless its a baby. Don't drop babies...hard) and go get this polish and mattify it.

nyc matte top coat
nyc matte top coat

 Sweater Weather

two coats wnw Saved by the Blue + one coat +
seche vite + gelous
Sweater Weather is a lovely glitter topper with cobalt/navy hexes of varying sizes, plus little iridescent squares and hexes. Leesha calls it a "transitioning" polish, and dammit I agree. I tried layering it over a bunch of colors, but I fell in love with it over this bright cobalt pearl. It feels like a sapphire on my fingertips. 

two coats wnw Saved by the Blue + one coat +
seche vite + gelous

  Spiced Latte

no top coat
Spiced Latte is a multi-functional glitter topper that is crazy-dense. It's got orange, copper, bronze, rust, gold, and holo bits jam-packed in there. The shop says its a topper, but I found it to be fairly easily layered into a solid, shiny layer of awesome. 

It's also quite tricky. Without a top coat, it has an almost-but-not-quite matte look to it. It could definitely be worn like a textured polish. But once you layer on top coat, it catches fire. It's on my fingers as I type this and it looks like coppery flames dancing across my keyboard in the dark. 

three coats + seche vite + gelous
three coats + seche vite + gelous
I wanted to get a shot of this stuff flashing in the sun. Artificial lighting can only do so much with a glitter bomb like this. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a big jerk.

fucking fog
At least I tried. Dammit.

sort-of sunny. It's shiny, I promise.
She also has cabochon bracelets available to match your every manicure! I loveLOVElove this charm. It looks like some magical stone, and it's just the right size to be unobtrusive. I'm funny about bracelets and bangles. I love to look at them, but the first time they get in my way...yeah. Another hoarder problem here. But look...look at the glow!

So what do you think? Does this quartet stand up to the amazing glory that Fall 2014 is shaping up to have? I think so. It seems like the Indie world is really owning it this year. Everything seems more mature and precise. The collections are all so much more thoughtful than I've seen previously. I'm excited for the future...of polish, that is.

A big thanks again to Leesha's Lacquer for letting me check these out and for the fabulous bracelet. Be sure to check her shop out, she's even got a sale section with some wonderful stuff!


  1. I love the warm colours of fall, I just wish it was warm here too!

  2. Replies
    1. It is. I've actually still got it on. Even with my crappy swatching base, we're on day three!


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