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Long Nail Problems

Know what I miss?  Stamping!  It's not just that my nails are over 20mm now and too long for most of my plates.  My faithful "squishy" XL stamper is too short and too firm for my nails at this length.  When I was staying with McGee for a weekend back in July, she showed me her stamper and it seemed perfect, so I ordered this.  Sadly, it's firmer than the one McGee has and might not work for full-nail designs.  Phooey.  Still, I wanted an excuse to take a few more photos of the gorgeous Picture Polish Illusionist.

I'm partial to full-nail designs, but this french tip image from MASH plate 67 made a cute "belt" for my nails.  Sally Hansen Apparition is actually pale blue, but looks silver over Illusionist.  The stamper takes a little getting used to, but it's decent enough and worked without needing any prepping.  I just wish it was softer.  Oh well.  Back to the pretty shiftiness...

On anther note, I'm starting to panic a little.  My birthday is rapidly approaching and I have no idea what polish I'll wear!  I generally prefer to stick with untried polishes, but part of me really wants to wear Dance Legend Different View "for real".  Hmmm...

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. Dance Legend Different would be a great nail colour to celebrate your birthday!!

  2. Illusionist looks great on you! Why did I skip this one when I had the chance to buy it???
    And Different View would be a perfect birthday-mani: this gorgeous-multichrome-holo-heaven will look amazing on you loooong nails! Go for it :)


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