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OPI 2014 Neons - My Picks

 purchased by me 

This might be the best whim I've had in a while.  I'd seen the remnants of OPI's newest batch of Neons here and there and been drawn to a few of them, but always set them back down.  Then when the full collection turned up at Wegmans during a $6.99 OPI sale I just couldn't resist anymore.  What I wound up with isn't exactly my "safe" trio of blue, green, and purple...but it's not far off either!

[note- All three shades dry slightly matte, but are shown topcoated.]

Life Gave Me Lemons is a slightly muted vivid chartreuse neon.

over white

This turned out to be an excellent whim.  I almost didn't buy this one, but went back and picked it up on my way out of the store because I kept thinking about it.  I didn't expect to love it anywhere near as much as I do.  For something with "lemon" in the name, it's unusually green, no?  The formula is surprisingly thick for a neon, but that's a good thing in my book.  This is two coats over white, without any streaking.  Woohoo!

over white

You Are So Outta Lime is a neon spring green.

over white

Something about this one really drew me.  It's such a distinctive and unusual color.  I was pretty sure it would awful on me, but yet...I also really wanted it.  I'm weird, I know.  Warmer greens are generally more my thing, but shades like Sinful Colors Mint Tropics sometimes turn my head.  I'm glad this one did...partly because I think it will be the perfect base for Zom-body To Love, which I recently added to my collection.  Formula-wise it's a lot like Life Gave Me Lemons; thick, but in a good way.  This is two coats over white.

over white

Push And Pur-pull is a red-violet neon.

over white

Of course I love this!  It's so 90's Brunette Barbie.  Magenta might be the only color I've always liked.  Two years ago Sinful Colors Dream On was my gateway back into brights and neons and Push And Pur-pull is like its big sister, deeper and sexier.  Its formula is different from the previous two.  It's much thinner and took three coats, even over white.  It still looked slightly patchy too.  It's so pretty that I don't even mind.

over white

Bottom line: Life Gave Me Lemons is my unexpected favorite, but I would recommend all three.  Push And Pur-pull is a little patchy, but not unwearably.

Labor Day?  Time is zipping past!  The funny thing is that after an unusually mild summer here, it's suddenly gotten hot and muggy.  The first week of September is shaping up to be warmer than most of the rest of the summer was.  Odd.  Hope you're enjoying yourself if you have the day off!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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