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Picture Polish Illusionist

 purchased by me 

Sometimes a polish is too special to just swatch and remove.  Picture Polish Illusionist has been on my desk since June.  Yep, that long.  I bought it from Llarowe in the same order as Nichole's bottle of Nail Pattern Boldness Boop-Oop-A-Dupe and Crows Toes Huginn & Muninn.  Wearing both of them only briefly was tough, believe me.  I've almost swatched Illusionist many times since then, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Zeus and I are having a day out to celebrate that he's been out of the hospital for a whole year, so I'll be out and about with plenty of time to enjoy this gorgeous polish.  It's so good to see how much progress he's made and Illusionist is a perfect celebratory polish!

Illusionist is a sheer teal/purple/fuchsia/green multichrome shimmer with scattered holo flecks.

one coat over black in all photos

Why oh why did this collection have to be LE?  Illusionist is even more gorgeous in the bottle than I'd expected and on the nail...well...amazing!  I can't stop staring and wiggling my fingers.  This is gonna be one of those posts.  As far as application goes, it's smooth and easy, but it does need black undies.  It's too sheer on its own to look like much of anything.  Once it's over black it's mindblowing!

The shift is so intense and the holo twinkle doesn't overpower it.  It's enough to add some sparkle without being distracting.

I tried to get the whole shift to show, which meant some odd contortions and angles and it threw my normal pose off.  The rest of the photos are rotated as a cheap distraction ploy, I'll admit it.

There's so much depth to the shift.  Sometimes there's a bit of red and a hint of green.

I think I see gold in there too.  Don't I?

The sun was fading as I took these photos, but that's when multichromes are at their best.  In this light I managed to catch the very edge of the shift.

Bottom line: Instant favorite!  If you like it, get it now, because it's getting scarce.  As far as finding it, Color4Nails still has it in stock right now.

How do you feel about polishes that need undies?  Personally, I don't mind them.  In this case it means this beautiful stuff will last longer because I'll only use one coat per mani.  I kinda want it to last forever!

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. i gave it a whirl without undies (the warm springtime weather was just saying NO to black polish), and it's really pretty that way too - think easter-egg pearl!


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