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Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Spirit Mint

press sample

Finally! The last offering from OPNL for Fall! It definitely seems to be a season for holos. I don't think anyone in their right mind will be complaining about that...I certainly won't. 

Spirit Mint is a ghoulish green holo. It's also a pale, delicate blue...and a soft fresh gold-green. Yes, all of those things. There is some science behind why it does this, because of some magic fairy dust pigment Dave used...but lets just call it witch craft and let it be that.

Like all of the recent OPNL polishes, this one applies like liquid unicorn horn. I only needed two coats to get a nice, even amount of coverage. It dries quick, and behaves well with top coat. I am starting to think that the old ways of no base/no top coat when it comes to holos are a thing of the past. And I like it.

I have a "close up" setting on my camera. I am attempting to use it. However, my wrinkly fingers are freaking me out a little. Ignore them and look at that sparkle. You can see the ultra-subtle rainbow flare, and the blue and green of the base here.


In the sunshine, this stuff turns into Cinderella's wet dream. Its a warm pale blue. On my pinky skin, it almost looks like a pale lilac. (Essie's Lilacism has the same sort of "is it blue or purple?" quality) I think it could definitely transition from Fall to even Spring. It is quite the chameleon.

I took the sun shots before the lightbox ones, and I have to admit I was seriously annoyed. Back in the spring, I swatched the Summer 2014 collection for OPNL. One particular polish, On a Cliff By The Sea, refused to look right on me. It was supposed to be a neon-bleached coral...but on my weirdy skin it just looked orange. A nice orange...but orange. Corals just hate me. Schette made it look like it should, damn bless her. It's not my camera either...look at the bottle compared to whats on my stupid fingers. Blast!

Wait...where was I going with this? Oh yeah! This stuff is like two polishes in one bottle!

I swear its the same polish

At extreme angles, you can see the blue even better. You can also see the gold peeking out in spots too. Apparently, Dave used some magic fairy dust (no that's not the name of it...but it's some fancy pigment) to make it gold/green/blue in addition to the holo. There was a lot of work here.

There you have it! The OPNL Fall 2014 collection! Now that you've seen all of it, do you have a favorite? The collection is available finally in his shop, so go grab your favorites before they are gone!

Miss the rest of the collection? You can take a peek here:


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