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Autumn Colorblocking

I don't do nail art too often, partly because the dress code at work requires nail polish to be "conservative and simple"...whatever that means.  Usually I play it super safe.  This look started with last night's simple mani, Orly Buried Treasure, but today's the first full day of fall.  I had to celebrate and dress my nails up a bit.  Some silk scarf-inspired colorblocking in the colors of fall foliage is classy and simple enough, right?

The striping tape hasn't come out of my nail art box in I don't even know how long!  If my nails weren't so crazily long, I'd have set the horizontal stripe at my free edge.  As things are right now, that would have been too even, since my free edge is about as long as the rest of my nail.  I wanted a decidedly offset look.

I had some nail art planned for yesterday, but it didn't pan out.  Having a bevy of autumnal tones at my desk made this as simple as picking the four boldest.
Amusingly enough, only one of these four is from fall.  Butterscotch, Tribe And True, and Cinnamon are all from spring collections!  Buried Treasure is old enough that I can't figure out what collection it's originally from.  It's a SFW favorite though, a metallic taupe or soft bronze.  Safe, but shiny.

awkward angle is awkward and wonky fingers are wonky

Now I'm thinking I might have to do one of these for each season...hmmm...

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