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Wet n Wild All Access Matte - Lips

 purchased by me 

Hey look!  I remembered that there's stuff other than polish!  I'm so one-track that I accidentally tagged this post as "nails" at first.  Derp.  The polish in Wet n Wild's All Access Matte display was what drew me in at first, of course, but once I was there...I couldn't resist buying three of the four lipsticks too.  The fourth shade, Sunset Siren, seemed too orange but the rest are right up my alley!

...because odd numbers don't collage well...that's why

Sweet Cream

Unscented!  Thank you, Wet n Wild!  That alone earns any lipstick huge points with me.  Like the polishes, the lipsticks in this collection aren't super matte.  I hadn't tried any of Wet n Wild's Mega Last Lipsticks before, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  The formula is creamy, but a little heavy.  It's one of those that you can feel is on, if that makes sense.  Sweet Cream itself is pinker than I expected, but still very flattering.  Matte lipsticks can be uncomfortable to wear, but it's just slightly sticky and not chalky.

Urban Night

Sometimes supermarket lighting affects how colors look.  Urban Night is more blue-toned than I'd originally thought.  I wasn't sure I liked it at first, but it grew on me.  There's something retro about its velvety look that I really like.  Two caveats for this one though.  The first is obvious in this next photo...

It needs liner because it has zero staying power on the inner curve.  Zero.  I dabbed the area dry with a tissue and it still just wouldn't stick.  The other warning?  This is probably just a pale girl problem, but it stained my lips bright pink.

Bordeaux Boulevard

Bargain brands have tricked me plenty of times, with lipsticks that look dark in the tube yet go on sheer.  Bordeaux Boulevard is as dark as it looks though, darker in most lighting than it looks here.  Not quite dark enough to be vampy, but still dark enough to make me swoon.  It has the same issue as Urban Night though...

Lip liner is a must here too.

Bottom line: As $2 lipsticks go, these are really good!  They're not super matte, but more of a velvet finish.  While they apply well and feel good, they wouldn't stick to the inner curves of my lips for anything.  If you're straying too far from your natural color, you'll want to line your lips first.

I did wind up going back for the other three polishes, so look for swatches of those next week.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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