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Maybelline Fashion Rocks - My Picks

 purchased by me 

There's not much that's new in Maybelline's Fashion Rocks displays.  I spotted a couple of them a few weeks back and scoured everything in them so I could give G. of Nouveau Cheap a full report.  I'm a bit let down that there aren't new LE shades of their Color Sensational gloss, because the two I bought last year are great.  The only new things here are four LE Color Show polish shades.  In keeping with the music theme, they all have song-inspired names.  I'm old, so I caught the references in Plum As You Are (Nirvana) and I Got You Beige (Sonny & Cher) right away.  Greyzy In Love took me a second, but the Beyonce connection dawned on me after a little thought.  Fashionably S-late stumped me completely.  I had to google it.  Falling In Reverse?  Ok.  Maybe that one's just coincidence?  Anyway...I first found the displays at Walgreens and Wegmans, but held out until I found one at my favorite CVS location over the weekend.  Plum As You Are and Fashionably S-late had to be mine!

Fashionably S-late is a slate gray cream.

In Walgreens Fashionably S-late had looked like a slightly greenish gray.  At CVS it looked much greener and I decided I needed it.  It's bluer and darker on the nail than I'd expected, but I like it a lot.  It reminds me of Sinful Colors Leap Flog, though I don't think they're exact dupes.  Formula-wise I have good news and bad news.  The good news?  One-coater!  The bad news?  Pinprick bubbles.  I'll thin it before wearing it again.  I feel like I could maybe get away with it as an accent nail in a work mani when my nails are shorter.  Maybe.

Plum As You Are is a deep gray cream with fine fuchsia shimmer.

Sometimes a polish almost haunts your dreams.  Plum As You Are had been in the back of my mind since I spotted it, and I'd pick it up and "hmmm" every time I saw it at a store other than CVS.  My will almost weakened.  I had to know how that shimmer translated.  As you can see, it's hidden-ish.  The base is so thick and opaque that the shimmer is a highlight more than anything else.  It's not bold, but it's a cool effect.  The thickness causes another problem though.  It makes application kinda draggy, especially when that skinny brush is used on wide or long nails.  This is two coats because I had to even things out.  I got a bit of bubbling here too.  I'll be thinning this one also.

Bottom line: Both have so-so formulas, but the colors are striking.  Fashionably S-late might satisfy a Sinful Colors Leap Flog lemming too.

That brings me to a question...  Should I do a comparison roundup post?  Are there any fall polishes I've posted lately that you'd like to see compared to anything else in my stash?

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


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