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Octopus Party Nail Lacquer Rake It or Leave It

 press sample

Just when you thought OPNL was done throwing shiny things at you (and me)! Today's offering is a deceptive little bottle of glitter...Rake It or Leave It.

Originally, when I saw bottle pictures of this, I thought it was a glitter topper. Ok, cool. The colors are timely, and I know it'll be great in nail art this time of year. Nothing Earth-shattering, I thought. 

Then the bottle arrived at my door and I applied it. It's deceptively dense. Perhaps my initial impressions are not to be trusted?

three coats + top coat + sunshine

There are so many different sizes of glitter (I didn't count, but I am going to pretend there are at least 42 different sizes) that a single thin layer leaves very little in the way of bare spots. I used three thin coats, and I got a completely serviceable solid glitter manicure. In addition to the obvious orange glitters, there are also brown/burgundy bits in here which really do look like a blanket of freshly fallen leaves. 

(Not that we have "Fall" here...but I saw it once on tv)

Without topper, it is also pretty smooth when it dries. I think that is important because I'm sure that I'm not the only "picker" on the planet. Rough textures are the reason that I can't do Pixie Dust or Liquid Sand for longer than a day...I just have to pick and scratch at anything. I didn't even have to do any filing on the tips like I sometimes do with super-dense glitters like this. I hate wearing a ultraglitter-bomb...and then being afraid to scratch my eye.

three coats + top coat + sunshine
I'm definitely looking forward to layering this onto other colors, just for the hell of it. Dave requested black, so this will definitely be coming back in October for our Halloweenstravaganza. 

such blur. wow. very shiny.

Do you have a favorite OPNL for Fall yet? This is my second post from Dave this season, and I still have one more to go! Dave, stahp! Let us catch our breath! (I'm kidding. We need MOAR!)


  1. He has really stepped it up since you first started swatching for him. Does he ever have sales as I feel like 13.00 is a bit more than I want to spend unless it's something super special. I love the fall holos, so many of the indie makers have gorgeous holos now !!

    1. He really has improved, its kinda amazing to be a (small) part of this. His prices are at the higher end of my personal comfort zone, but the quality (especially the fall stuff) makes it feel like you are actually getting what youre paying for...which is pretty rare in the polish world.

  2. I think the prices are too high for a seller that isn't super established or sought after. I'm sure in time that will change, but some of the top indies (excluding Enchanted, but that is a completely different league) don't even sell for 13.00 each....or if they do, they have sales. I always consider the resale value, lol. I'm glad to see he is starting to get more attention from the IG folks with a zillion followers. You were the first !!

  3. Replies
    1. its gorgeous! Ive seen some gradients done with it, and it looks stunning.


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