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Sinful Colors Summer/Fall Hodgepodge

 purchased by me 

Sinful Colors put out so unbelievably many new shades over the past few months that some kinda fell by the wayside in my swatching basket.  The 99¢ sale at Walgreens this week is a perfect reason to fix that and get them swatched and reviewed already!

Since some of these shades were in summer displays, they might not be available at some Walgreens.  Also note that the SinfulShine polishes aren't officially part of the sale this time around, though some cashiers may be willing to adjust the price for you.

Let's Meet (new version) is a yellow crelly.

Yep.  They did it again.  Let's Meet joins Dream On, Charmed, and possibly Dream On, Unicorn, and others on a growing list of reformulated shades.  If you're familiar with the older version, you know what's missing.  It's gone from a super-sheer shimmer to a sheer-ish crelly.  I miss the shimmer, but at least this new version is wearable on its own.  I guess that's something.  This is three coats.

A side-by-side would be awkward, since the old version needs undies.  Instead, I put a coat of the old over the new to compare.

one coat of the old version on ring

Weirdly enough, I think the new version is ideal as a base for the old!  I did the rest to match.

one coat of the old over the new

Yellow Out There and Mimosa are both jellies with hexagonal and bar glitter.

Mimosa on ring, Yellow Out There on others

I don't know.  Might be better on shorter nails.  This is three coats of each.

Face The Facets, Orange Crush, and Ruby Mine are textures with gold fleck shimmer.

Face The Facets, Orange Crush, gradient, and Ruby Mine

These three were originally part of the Crystal Crush collection last xmas, and I had some regrets about passing on them then.  When they came back this summer, I snagged them.  They're not as rough as some and they're so sparkly!  This is two coats of each, aside from the sponged gradient on my ring finger.

Face The Facets, Orange Crush, gradient, and Ruby Mine, with topcoat

This Is It has gold, pink, green, and blue shimmer in a sheer yellow base.

over Pipaya

I'd written this one off so many times, but bought it on a whim during the last sale.  I had a tough time finding a good base color for it, but Pipaya is better than I'd ever have guessed!  The orange-red turned to a glowing orange and the shimmer pops.  This is one coat as a topper.

over Pipaya

Looks awesome mattified too!

over Pipaya, with OPI Matte Top Coat

Teal The End is a blue-green cream.

In person it's a bit dustier.  Really pretty and worth the three coats it took to hide my nail line.

Green With Ivy has tiny bar and hex glitter in a blue-gray tinted base.

over Teal The End

The sheerest of the three summer jellies, I pretty much had to layer it.  This is two coats as a topper.

Pipaya is a red-orange cream that dries to a satin finish.

I initially passed on Pipaya, but saw a swatch on Instagram that made me change my mind.  Sadly, I can't remember whose photo it was!  It's a little redder than it looks here, but not much.  This is two coats.

I glossed it up too, of course.

with topcoat

Embers Only has pink and gold microfleck shimmer and pink hexagonal glitter in a red jelly base.

There was an OPI shade a lot like this in one of the Minnie Mouse collections, right?  It looks familiar!  This is two coats.  It built up surprisingly well!

Hot Chili has gold shimmer and holo hexagonal glitter in a frosty red base.

I don't know what I was expecting.  It's lumpy like Color Club Apollo Star, for exactly the same reason.  This is two coats.

Ruby Glisten has red microglitter in a dark red jelly base.

Hot!  A little unusual for a summer collection, isn't it?  I love it for fall though!  Worth tracking down, but with one caveat.  The glitter sinks, bigtime.  I don't even mind!  It goes a long way toward easing my heartbreak over the loss of Revlon Firecracker.  This is two coats.

It reminded me so much of a jelly sandwich I did last year that I had had to mattify it, since I'd love the older one that way.

Let's Talk is a metallic purple shimmer.

I'd been meaning to reswatch this one for ages, since my old swatch is from almost two years ago.  I still don't have the color right!  It's less blue in person, but cameras throw fits over colors like this.  This is two coats.

...and now the two SinfulShines...

Too Cool For Pool has pink fleck shimmer in a light blue base.

I love the shimmer, but the color is too springtimey for me.  This is three coats.

Shine Annie has gold and fuchsia microfleck shimmer in a cherry red jelly base.

I'm reminded of the OPI Minnie collections again.  Am I nuts or was there something like this too?  This is two coats and the shimmer is gorgeous!

Bottom line:  The glitter in Ruby Glisten sinks and Hot Chili is lumptastic.  No issues with the rest.

Did you get anything from the Walgreens sale yet or are you planning a spree?  I'm hoping to find the Halloween display before the sale ends on the 20th.

 all products in this post were purchased by me 


  1. I really like This Is It over Pipaya! Great combination!

    1. Thanks! I tried it over like four other things first. lol


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