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Back To Normal

Yay.  Normal.  I miss Halloween already!  It was time though.  I performed our de-ghouling last night and I'm finally caught up with the posts I missed while I was sick.

I also rounded my nails back out this weekend and shortened them quite a bit.  I feel kinda liberated, especially now that I don't have a teabag patch, but I also feel a little dull.  My work nails had to be a little special to pick me up a bit.  I don't post NOTD's on here that often, but I think I might start doing it more often.  I love this combo too much not to show it off on here.

This is two coats of Essie Miss Fancy Pants topped with one coat of KleanColor Forest Fairy.

Turned out way better than I'd expected!  The base of Forest Fairy is only slightly tinted, so it changed Miss Fancy Pants very little.  Miss Fancy Pants is one of my favorites for work and this is easily my favorite topper for it.  I'm always looking for unusual combos that are still subtle and won't get noticed at work, so I'm just stupidly thrilled with this.

I've been wearing this since Friday night and I love it more each day.  I do want to change it tomorrow, I think, but it's one I'll probably revisit.  I mattified it today, because ME!

I'm not loving the way I shaped them.  I should have left the sides straighter.  Still, it is nice not to be all pokey anymore.

If you missed it, this was the blog's Halloween costume.

Now that the patch is gone, I have soooo much swatching I want to do!  The last dregs of fall, some xmas stuff, and a few other things.  My swatch bins are overflowing again and I can't wait to get to it!


  1. Do you think that KC is a dupe for PI Heartbreaker?

    1. Dunno. I don't shop at Walmart, so I don't have that one. From photos I think the KC is paler and bluer.


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