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Revlon Mesmerized

My Halloween mani was the same as it's been many times in the past.  I have no clue how old Mesmerized is, but the cap still had the 'tilted' top.  That makes it about a decade old, I think.  Seems about right.  It's far from the oldest polish I have, but it's up there!  I can't remember much about this collection, but I remember going nuts over this specific shade.  I wish I'd gotten a second bottle, but I think I was unemployed back then.  Oh well.  I've tried to find more info, but all I could do was track down the names of other shades.  This is from back before the nail blogger times and no one seems to know!  Anyway, meet one of my prized possessions, one of the queens of my collection...

Mesmerized has a dark purple base packed with fuchsia/blue/green shifting multichrome shimmer.

There's so much shimmer that it's tough to see the base color!  I miss the days when bold duochromes were all over the drugstores.  *sigh*  This is three coats over a nude base.  I got a little bubbling (Revlon Nail Enamel does that on me, as a rule) and the topcoat wrinkled a litte, but the beauty shone through anyway!

My camera is blind to the green, but you get hints of it here and there in my photos...more in the bottle than on the nails.  This is a total starer, and one I probably shouldn't have worn while driving.

There are moments where the fuchsia end of the shift almost looks pink or even red.

I'd kinda forgotten just how amazing it is.  Dunno how!

It looks different in incandescent light, going much pinker.

The blue/green end doesn't vanish though, it turns into a twinkle.  Outstanding!

There are so many oldies I'd bring back if I really did shop in a time machine, and this is waaay up my list!

If I've made you want Mesmerized, I'm sorry.  It's one of those you'll probably never find.  If you know of a dupe though, please tell me!  I have some similar, but nothing quite like it.

So Halloween is over and I'll be resetting the layout soon.  My claws are gone too, filed back to ovals and much shorter.  Hope you had a great night on Thursday!


  1. Check out Julep Blakely--looks very similar

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  3. want! *sigh*

    If you want to shop in a time machine, check out Cassie Cosmetics eBay store. Lots of blasts from our polish pasts. Many of them priced at less than they sold in the stores for!

  4. Very appropriately named by the look and it's rarity! So pretty... I want it! A girl can dream right? ;)


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