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Benefit Boi-ing Inspired Manicure

A few weeks ago, my skin decided it was no longer my friend and went wild on me. I had some important stuff coming up, and I finally had to breakdown and buy a concealer. I went into my local Ulta, and a nice young lady helped me pick something out to cover the worst spots: Boi-ing by Benefit.

It works quite well, by the way. It needs to be warmed up though. The packaging insert recommends warming it between your fingers...but with frosty fingers like mine that is not gonna happen. I had to figure out a work-around...and I did. I do my makeup in my bedroom in front of the full-length mirror. Not five feet away is the tv and Directv box...which gets warm! So when I start my makeup, I place the concealer on top of it and by the time I'm ready to apply, it's nice and warm! I realize this is probably not good for the product, but it works for me.

Anyway, I fell in love with the box and had to do a manicure inspired by it. It's an adorably vintage coral shade, with black dots at the corners, very wearable on the nail.  The dots have fine white stitches on them, but my hand is nowhere near steady enough for that.

Colors Used: 
Ulta Beauty Queen
Chine Glaze Liquid leather

My Inspiration:



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