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Dance Legend Termo 165

I get such a kick out of thermal polish, but the colors it comes in are usually bright and/or girly.  Imagine how happy I was when I saw that Dance Legend makes one that's relatively grown-up and office-appropriate.  I lemmed it for a while and finally bought it on Halloween in the same Color4Nails order as the two Top Coats for Dark Polish and Termo Trio 3, which I haven't worn yet.  It was the first work mani I did after the package arrived, of course.  I had a lot of fun with it over the weekend and posted it excessively on Instagram.

Termo 165 is a thermal shimmer that is golden orange when warm and smoky purple when cold.

warm fingers, cool air

This is how it looked on me most of the time, essentially an automatic 'funky french'.  The formula's a little tricky, because it carries a lot of pigment.  I had to be careful to prevent streaking.  This is two coats.  It dried a little matte, but glossed up fine with top coat.  The shimmer's pretty, but the color change is what really got me.  Thermal polishes are too much fun!  I was constantly looking at my hands to see what color combination was going on.  My hands get cold pretty easily and take a long time to warm up, so washing them sometimes caused the french tip effect in reverse.

cold fingers, warm water

Pardon the water drops, please.  It was tough to get a photo of this effect because it was cold in my house, so I had to move fast.  (You can see it better here.)  It kept going back to the cold color.


The cold color is really interesting!  I'd love to find a polish that's always like this.  It's a smoky purple, but doesn't look purple all of the time because of the gold shimmer.  When you see it with the orange, it looks more gray than purple.  The orange is nice too, soft and shimmery enough to keep from being garish.  It's been cold here recently, so the only times I saw only or mostly the warm color were while washing my hands or when I was in bed.

mostly warm

I mattified it too, of course.  Not sure if I like the outcome though.

warm fingers, cool air, w/matte top coat

Thermals don't do as well on short nails or in hot weather.  The longer your free edge, the more you'll see them change.  I do know some people with short nails who love them anyway though, of course.  Everyone washes their hands, after all....or should anyway.

Bottom line: The formula can be a bit draggy, because of the pigments used, but it's still workable.  The color change is bold, but the colors themselves are still fairly subdued.  As a fun, gimmicky thing like thermals goes, this is about as sophisticated and mature as it gets.  I love it!

Have you worn a thermal polish yet?


  1. I love this! Spot on with the thermal for an office job!


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