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SpaRitual Invention

SpaRitual may finally start getting a bit more of the attention it deserves.  You can find the brand, made by Orly, at Ulta now!  This is especially good news because you can use coupons on them!  I had them check for me when I made my purchase.  I had gone there specifically to see if they had the fall Laugh collection.  They didn't.  So far their "core" collection is a surprisingly ho-hum assortment of reds and pinks, at least that's all they had in the salon polish section at my local Ulta.  I was somewhat grumpily wandering toward the clearance section when something stopped me in my tracks.  On an endcap in the salon haircare section (Why, Ulta? WHY??) I saw SpaRitual's holiday display, called Illuminate, and was instantly drawn to the glowing duochrome flecks.  After a lot of perusing, I somehow managed to talk myself down to just one...

Invention has a mix of gold foil pieces and green-to-pink duochrome glass flecks in a clear base.

Mmmmerry xmas!  So festive, I love it!  The display mentioned recycled glass flecks in the shimmer, so it's apparently a glass fleck in more than just name.  The effect is something like the intersection of Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, Picture Polish Majesty (without the holographic bits), and L'Oreal The Temptress' Power.   This is three coats, because it's quite sheer.  I probably should have used a nude base, but I wanted to see how it built up on its own.  It covers pretty well, but not completely.  You can still see my nail line quite well in some photos.  Because it's so sheer and applies smoothly, it's got good layering potential.  I didn't layer it, but Spit & Polish did and it looks really cool over black.  I'm tempted to try it over a dark blue now that I've seen her swatches.  Back to mine though, the flecks are dazzling enough that I barely noticed the visible nail line.  The shift isn't the strongest, but it's there.

It's most noticeable where my nails curve, giving it a rosy look up near my cuticles.

Even when the green isn't at full glow, the gold is still quite bold and glowing.

I mattified it, but I'm not sure if I like the result.  The pink shift becomes more obvious and makes it almost look like an unflattering nude at some angles.

Bottom line: Love it!  I'm looking forward to layering it, but I love it on its own too.  The rest of the collection looks gorgeous and I might have to go back for at least one more.

SpaRitual's a bit pricey, so I used to wait for clearance sales online or for random shades to show up at TJ Maxx.  Ulta's frequent $3.50 off $10 coupons make the normally $12 SpaRituals just $8.50!  I'm not gonna splurge on them that often at that price, but it's about what they come down to when they go on clearance online and much more reliable than waiting to see what shows up at TJ Maxx.


  1. This is stunning! I even like it matte.

    1. Thanks! :) When it's matte it looks ok as long as it's mostly gold and/or green. At some angles it's all the weird peachy pink.


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