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Revlon Parfumerie - Autumn Spice and Italian Leather

Scented polishes seem oddly risky to me.  I have a very strong sense of smell.  Back when I worked at Yankee Candle forever ago, a woman came up to us at the cashwrap and said she'd lost her coffee.  I found it by a candle store.  My coworkers called me Scruff McGruff for weeks.  There are some hand and nail products that I just can't use because of the scent.  I'm looking at you, Lush Lemony Flutter, with your hippie diaper cream whiff.  Scented polishes worry me and I have to reeeally like how they look before I buy them.  I have a good number of Revlon's previous Scented polishes and they range from the outright disgusting Pineapple Fizz to the tolerable Fig Jam to the surprisingly pleasant Mint Fizz.  Autumn Spice and Italian Leather were both love at first sight, so I bought them without any hesitation the moment I found them at a CVS.  There are two different displays to introduce the line, a tower and a shelf display.  These two shades are in the shelf version, but not in the tower.  (The tower has two different scents, but I forget what they are and it's past my bedtime so I'm not gonna look it up.)  G. from Nouveau Cheap pumped Revlon for information and they really delivered!  The line will be permanent, so if you haven't found a display yet or have only found the 'wrong' display, don't despair.  They'll be around for a while.  They'll also be adding to the line here and there.  Nifty!

Autumn Spice has a brown base full of gold-to-pink fleck shimmer.

Beautiful formula!  It was so very close to being a one-coater, but I wound up using two just to be sure for photos.  One is probably fine for everyday wear.  It's as gorgeous as the bottle suggests, maybe even more so, even though the shift of the flecks is a bit weak on the nail.  I swear there are moments when I see green at the edges, but I may just be nuts.  I was worried that the ball-shaped cap would be annoying to handle, but it really isn't.  If only all gimmicky bottles were this functional.  The real surprise is the smell.  It's...good!  Not just bearable, but actually pleasant.  It's like crisp air with a hint of nutmeg.  Perfectly autumnal, if not terribly spicy.  It's also not as strong as their old Scented line, which is a plus in my book.  And again, absolutely gorgeous!

I sniffed it a bunch of times, but I stared at it even more.  This might wind up being my Thanksgiving mani, especially if I wind up pressed for time.

It reminds me of a few others I have, without being close enough to call it a dupe for any of them.  It's in the same neighborhood as OPI Warm & Fozzie, Sinful Colors Leather Loose, etc, but it stands apart from both.  It's not as complex and shifty as Warm & Fozzie and brighter and more densely flecked than Leather Loose.  I don't feel like it's redundant or excessive in my very large collection.  I's just so pretty!

Mattified it's just as outstanding and maybe even glowier than when it's glossy.

You also see more of the shift this way, but that's pretty typical when you mattify anything that shifts.

Italian Leather has a deep, dusty olive green base with fine, subtle gold shimmer.

Another damn-near-one-coater!  With careful, steady application I'm sure it'd be fine in one.  I'm just as smitten with Italian Leather as I am with Autumn Spice.  This color!!  I'm kinda afraid to let Zeus see these swatches, because I'm 90% sure he'll want it.  The good part also smells nice!  Not really like leather at all, but more like a soft cologne.  There's something masculine about the scent, which is fine by me.  I wear men's or unisex fragrances about as often as I wear something more feminine...which is almost never.  Back to the visual though, the shimmer is decidedly understated, but it works.  It keeps the green soft.

Don't mattify it though, it looks buttly.  Not good at all.

Bottom line: Get these!!  Really!  I'm weird about smells and I can put up with them.  Unless you unilaterally hate every fragrance, chances are you'll be able to handle these.  Both have great formulas too and apply like dreams.  No bubbling, no streaking, just wonderful.  Every inch of the hype around this new line is completely deserved!  I'm looking forward to future additions too!

Have you found these yet?  Did you get any?  Whatcha think?


  1. I put on Autumn Spice last night too. It borders on being icing sweet to me but is definitely tolerable. I found it to be just a tad streaky but I I was polishing in dim light.

    1. It's funny how people smell the same thing differently sometimes. The smell I described as "crisp" *is* a bit like artificial sweetener to me. I always paint my nails under a bright LED lamp because I'm a mess otherwise. lol

  2. Autumn spice is gorgeous! I haven't seen any displays around me yet. But if it's going to be permanent, I have nothing to worry about. (: Are all of the colors in this collection going to be permanent?

    1. I'm in love with it and I wish I could wear it to work! lol From what they wrote to G., I think so.

  3. I got 7 of these this weekend and I haaaaated Moonlit Woods. Terrible formula. Holy brush strokes. I haven't worn any of the others but I swatched the ones I have and don't mind the scents at all.

    1. That sucks! :( It looks like it'd be kinda frosty.

  4. I had to have all 19 of them (yup - I'm a nail polish addict). These two were among my favorites. :) I've been swatching them on my blog all week - I'd love for you to check it out. I didn't even think of mattifying any of them (doh!!). I'll have to try that sometime. :)


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