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Color Club Williamsburg and The Uptown

When swatch wheels of Color Club's Girl About Town collection started showing up on the blogs of lucky CosmoProf attendees, one polish got ALL of the attention.  The Uptown is a flake-packed stunner, but when I ordered it from Enospring I made sure to take a look at the rest of the collection.  Silver Lake, East Austin, and Wicker Park are just not the kind of colors that appeal to me and they seem a bit out of place for a fall collection.  Pearl District looks like it has stamping potential, but probably isn't a color I'd like on its own.  Now though, looking at The Polish Hound's swatches, I'm not so sure I made the right choice in passing it up.  I wish I could find new Color Club collections anywhere locally.  You can only tell so much from photos, after all.  I wound up with just two of the six.  They're both amazing, and I'm letting the underdog go first because it needs a boost into the spotlight.

Williamsburg has dense blue microglitter in a dark blue jelly base.

I wasn't expecting Williamsburg to be this gorgeous.  It's absolutely packed with tiny glitter.  It's like a dark blue cousin to China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  This is two coats and the coverage is excellent.

It's not gritty, but I still used three coats of NYC Grand Central Station to boost the shine, depth, and glow.  I love how the glitter gleams when the light hits it.  Williamsburg completely trumps Ruby Pumps for me, because it's blue and because it's darker and glowier.  This is just perfection.

The Uptown has extremely dense red/gold/green/blue flakes in an indigo jelly base.

Hello, stove!

The angle on that photo's a little weird, but of the many many photos I took of The Uptown, this is the one that shows the base and flakes best.  This is three coats, because the base is quite sheer.  It's not the easiest polish to apply, because of the flakes.  If you're not gentle and patient, it can get clumpy.  You could definitely layer it, and I might eventually, but for full impact I wore it alone.  Each coat is almost unbelievably crammed with flakes and each layer builds depth and intricacy to the look.  The rest of my photos are lighter and purpler than the base is in person.  It's the same issue I had with the similar Urban Outfitters Mystic, only in the the other direction.  The flakes photographed beautifully though, so I'm not mad at my camera at all.

I'm not sure if it's their smaller size or their overwhelming density, but you can see a blue shift more in The Uptown than in pretty much any other flakies this color that I've ever worn.  I'm not just impressed, I'm stunned!

It's tough to even write about it, it's that beautiful.  Can you see why I let Williamsburg go first?  I love them both, but The Uptown is a scene stealer.  It's magical, fiery, and intense in a way that no similar polish I've ever seen would be at just three coats.

This tops the similar shades from Layla, Nfu Oh, Deborah Lippmann, etc. in my opinion.  This is a whole other level of color, depth, and sparkle.

I mattified it too, of course, because flakies take to it beautifully.  The result is ok, but a lot of the depth is lost.

Bottom line: This should be completely obvious.  I adore both of these!  I might do a highlight post of my favorite new polishes of 2013.  If I do, these will both be in that post.

When it was hinted by lissakay1989 on the MUA Nail Board that a well-known brand was coming to Sally Beauty Supply, there were a lot of replies hoping that it would be Color Club.  Turns out it's OPI.  Apparently the addition of OPI was a result of customer requests and lissakay1989 encouraged me to try contacting them with a Color Club request.  I'm thisclose to starting a petition requesting that they start carrying Color Club too.  I'd be all over that.  They need to be available somewhere, don't they?


  1. I managed to pick up the whole collection about a month back in TK Maxx in England - my first ever Color CLub polishes and I love them! It was The Uptown which drew me to the collection (because I've been looking for a Nfu Oh 51 syle flakie forever!) but the whole collection is pretty great! Even a couple of the lighter cremes have great formulas, which was a great surprise -especially for Silver Lake, with it being so close to white! (Actually, I've just looked at the Polish Hound's Nfu O dupe comparison and I think I prefer The Uptown! WIN!) I'm just kind of in love with the entire collection and they're all I've been wearing these past few weeks!

    This comment got a bit rambly, so enjoy the paragraph!

    1. I did enjoy the paragraph! :) I read it the day you posted it, but I've had the craziest week. The Uptown really blows similar stuff out of the water. I got kinda mixed up somehow between Silver Lake and Poetic Hues (from the Harlem Lights collection)....oh well. I feel like maybe I shoulda bought the whole Girls About Town collection and cherrypicked Harlem Lights. You'll see why soon. Eek.

  2. Gorgeous x2, no other way to put it!

  3. I just ordered both, these are both beautiful!

  4. yes yes do the petition, I will siggggnnn~~

  5. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumble upon every day.
    The Raven


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