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Revlon Parfumerie in Wild Violets

I was pretty clear about my feelings when it comes to scented polishes last year. I was completely certain that a scented polish would never again darken my doorstep. I really need to learn not to speak in absolutes because I have been (happily) shown that not all scented polishes are created equal.

I couldn't not buy this stuff. The bottles were just too cute. All the reviews I was seeing were claiming that the scents were downright pleasant. I was very skeptical. But Revlon was buy one, get one half off at CVS the other day...and I had an additional I caved. I bought it. And dammit, I'm not sorry.

The smell is lovely. Really. I swear. Fresh and clean, without any hint of meth lab or nail polish once it dries. Wild Violets absolutely reminded me of husband said it reminded him of fancy soaps (but in a good way). The scent lasted, with only one layer of Seche Vite, for about 3 days. It got slightly more faint each day. I actually completely enjoyed the scent, and I was sad when it finally faded. (I may or may not have made friends and family smell my nails during that period.)

The formula is nice, I think I needed 3 coats for complete cover. (though on people who aren't taking pictures under a bright light, 2 would suffice.) It has a subtle blue/pink/fuchsia shimmer that is almost unnoticeable. If you are fond of wearing black polish, this will not push you far from your comfort zone in daylight.

Tl;dr is this: Buy it. It smells nice. It looks nice. Scented polish done right.

Amanda checked out a couple of other colors from this line. You can read her review here.


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