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Dance Legend 603 and 607

I hadn't heard of the Russian brand Dance Legend until swatches of their outstanding holos started turning up a few months ago.  A friend unexpectedly sent me a bottle of Robots vs Humans out of nowhere and it was love at first coat!  When tiddleywinks mentioned "rainbow flakie goodness" on MUA, I dashed to google to see what was up.  I probably shouldn't have looked, because I found More Nail Polish's swatches and there was no stopping me!  I bought these two plus a Termo and a Termo Trio from Color4Nails.  *sigh*  I need to try to stay away from online shopping.  I'd almost never spend that much on a bottle in a brick and mortar store, but I was in a really sad and gloomy mood on Halloween for no good reason...and that's when I get spendy.  These definitely perked me up though.  Even the bottles are amazing, painted to look like the topper over black...I'm in love!  There are more in this line, but no US retailers seem to have them yet and I've heard of people having trouble with orders directly from the company.

603 has a mix of blue/green and yellow/red mylar flakes in a clear base.

one coat over black for all photos

Hmmminnnnah hummmminah hawow!  I'm blown away!  So much color from just one coat!  It goes on beautifully and isn't thick or gloppy like some flakies.  I love everything about it, though it is a bit smellier than most polishes.  That seems to be a thing with Dance Legend in general.  They're just a bit stinky.  Not as bad as Nabi or e.l.f. though.  603 could smell like vinegar and I'd still love it!

...and mattified....even better!  You can see how the flakes overlap and interact and shift

I was a tiny bit worried it might be a bit dupey to one of the FingerPaints Special Effect topcoats, so I compared it to Asylum and Twisted.  No dupes!  Not even close!

Asylum * 603 * Twisted * 603

607 has holographic microglitter and dense blue-to-purple duochrome microfleck shimmer in a clear base.

one coat over black for all photos

I'll admit it, this was a complete whim purchase.  I won't say I regret it exactly, but I could easily layer-dupe 607 with a separate flecked topper and glitter.  Oh well.  It's still awesome, but if I had thought about the order longer I might not have bought it.  Then again I might have talked myself out of the order entirely and not have I don't really mind if 607 tagged along.  I do really love it.  Not surprising since I have numerous things I could combine to dupe it.  Having admitted that, let's simply enjoy how pretty it is!

It manages to keep from being too kitchen sinky because you don't get the full effect of the duochrome and holo bits at the same time.  They trade off and keep it from looking cluttered.  In bright light the microfleck mostly becomes as blue background for holo twinkle.

In the right light and at the right angles, the whole thing goes starts going purple.

At extremes it's very very purple.

Bottom line: Unquestionable and resonating YES to 603!  Sure, it's a bit pricey, but all of the interesting flakies out there are spendy.  It costs way less than most of the Finger Paints Special Effects flakies run on ebay these days.  Awesome flakies will always be a splurge risk for me.  607 though?'s beautiful, but if you have a holo microglitter top coat and a similar duochrome microfleck topper, you can layer dupe it.

I hope Color4Nails gets the rest of these...but I also kinda hope they don't!  Major splurge risk!


  1. Just bought 603 thanks for another gorgeous swatch!

  2. I'm still waiting on my Chameleons, I don't think I'll place another international order again but I wanted them so badly. *sigh*

    1. Yeah, I think I saw you mention that on NB. I want them soooooooooooooo bad, but...A) price B) not gonna order direct from Russia.

  3. 603 is gorgeous! It's got those teal flakies that I loved in Unicorn Puke... and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that gets super excited about sparkly things. :)


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