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Wantable Review

 promotional sample 

This is a long one, folks. Settle in. I'll put all the pictures together lower down the page, if you just want to skip to the good stuff. No one will blame you...but we might judge a bit.

Who doesnt like getting surprises every month? There are companies all around that offer a selection of samples and full-sized products that can be delivered for a modest price each month. But sometimes, they are bitterly disappointing. (As my Augustember Ipsy bag illustrated)

For a few months now, I've been seeing a thing called "Wantable". It's a subscription service, but with a twist. Instead of just seemingly random items and coupons, you get to customize your collection of goodies...which is extremely tempting when you've been getting foil packets and too-dark concealor from other companies. When I saw an offer for a promotional box from Wantable, you better believe I jumped on it like it was the last bus out of town.

Creating an Account:

I hate this part of any website. I have no patience for creating passwords, usernames, etc. Surprisingly, this was pretty painless. I think it took me less than a minute to set everything up. Hooray! They definitely get a passing grade on this step.

Choosing Your Box:

It looks like there are three boxes to choose from: Makeup, Accessories, and Intimates. I chose makeup, because that is my favorite. I'm simple. In October, they even had a Halloween-themed box, which leads me to believe that special holiday boxes are a common thing. (I hope so, because next year I definitely want to check out the Halloween one!)

There is a pretty in-depth quiz that determines the types of products you will recieve. It's not a simple "oooh, I like makeup. Give me that!" sort of quiz. It asks whether you "love" a certain product, formulation, and color. For everything! Polish, brows, lips, cheeks, eyes...the works. If this works as it seems to, you will never get something you hate. (hooray for no more lipstains and sheer nail polish!)


Since this was a promotional box, I didn't go through a regular purchase process. But I did check out the pricing. For a subscription, it is $36 monthly or a one-time $40. While that is a bit steeper than other boxes on the market, you do get all full sized products. The best part is that the price includes shipping. 

There is no shortage of communication with this company. I got prompt confirmation on the creation of my account, my purchase, my shipment...I even got an email telling me the box was delivered. I kinda adore that. No more wondering where my box is and if it is actually going to be delivered.

Another thing in Wantable's favor: you can return your box! This is kinda brilliant. How often have I seen monthly goody boxes full of things that no one wants...or that were duplicates of items sent the previous month. This is dangerously close to making it my beauty-box-of-choice. You can only have so many mismatched BB creams before you start pulling your hair out.


This is the big one, and why I am so painfully dissatisfied with my current beauty subscription. I ordered this on October 11, and I recieved it October 15...and Colombus Day was in between there. They definitely won me over when it comes to shipping. (FYI, as of this writing, I still hadn't recieved my Ipsy. For Shame.)

Another shipping bonus: all you Canadian and Australian beauty nuts can get this box too! No more exclusion! No more hours spent in a jealous rage at the collection of random goodies your American friends are getting. You can read about their international shipping and return policies here. I think it's great that there is finally a quality service for those outside the US.

and now for the fun part...the goodies!

All the goodies!

In the Box: 

Michael Marcus nail polish in Blood Red
Whip Hand Cosmetics Cheek Flash in Distraction
Lise Watier Feline Mascara in Black
Besame Cosmetics Classic Lip Color in Merlot
Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme samples

My Thoughts on the Products:

Lets start with my favorite: the lipstick. OH. MY. GOD. Its adorable. It comes in a pretty floral box, which hides a velveteen pouch that is nearly the exact color of the lipstick. (I wonder if that is intentional?) Inside that little pouch is a lovely oxblood perfect for fall. It applies nicely, and doesnt seem too prone to the patchiness that some dark colors have. My only complaint is about the shape...I have a hard time with lipsticks that aren't doe-footed.

I am also loving the mascara. Two coats, and I immediately saw a difference. My lashes looked much longer, darker, and fuller. It does go on a little wet, but I think this allows you to build it without causing pain, or worse: clumps. I wouldn't use this on my lower lashes, unless I was trying a heavier look. A few friends laughed at the packaging, but it doesnt really bother me. I could care less about the colors and I love the long, agile handle.

Michael Marcus polish in Blood Red

The polish is not my least favorite thing. The bottle shape alone makes me salivate just a little. Its a happy, cherry colored...crelly? (I dunno, I suck at that stuff). It applies smoothly and evenly, sets up fast, and is perfect after 2 coats. Honestly, it could suck and I'd still love it. LOOK AT THE BOTTLE!

That blush is a lot of look for me. I'm generally scared of blushes to begin with, and this one makes me quake. It is a beautifully vivid pink with gold flecks. And holy cow, is it pigmented. My experience with loose blushers is that the generally are a soft wash of color...wholly lacking in oomph. This one does not suffer from that affliction at all. It's all color and noise and majesty. I'm afraid of it, but dammit if I wont try it.

my face, with all the stuff. The blush is a LOT of look.
I don't hate it...but I need more practice.

Final word on Wantable:

I am really intrigued by this company. I am a breath away from giving up Ipsy in favor of this. I didn't get anything I didn't like, and I got two things I actually really love. I think I will be keeping an eye on Wantable for the next few months. 

**The items in this post were given to me, for free,  for the purposes of review. The opinions are totally mine, and completely unbiased.**


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