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Finally...Another Stamping Plate!

I don't know what I was thinking.  I ordered Cheeky Jumbo A from Amazon in September.  I knew the images were smaller than they are on my much-used Happy Nails plate from them...and I was growing my nails out for Halloween.  I bought it knowing I probably couldn't use it for weeks.  It was maddening!  It's got forty-two full-nail designs, mostly geometrical (my favorite), and I COULDN'T USE IT!  Waaaaah!  Sure, the images are all curved for use on tips, but I've never managed to get that to look good.  When Halloween passed by and I shortened my nails, I was eager to stamp...and then this happened...  I consoled myself by going back to Happy Nails agaaaaaaaain, but Jumbo A was calling to me.  It was obvious what had to be done.  They're shorter now, but I have forty-two more options now and can finally use this plate!  I don't regret a thing!

This wavy image is the fourth image in the third row.  I used Sally Hansen Jet Set Jade over Sinful Colors Emerald Envy.

I found Jet Set Jade in a clearance bin at Target.  It was part of the Fall Insta-Dri LE collection, but I didn't have it when I reviewed my picks.  The clearance sticker was the little nudge I needed and it stamps just as well as I'd hoped.  I love this combo together.  It reminds me of tile the bottom of a pool, but in a good way.

This combo is the only one of today's bunch that I mattified.

For Sally Hansen Style Steel over Sinful Colors Treasure Chest I used the alternating squares of the fourth image in the fifth row.

This image reminds me of a variation on the sixth image in the fourth row of Cheeky Happy Nails, which I used in this post over Zoya Neve.  Something about the big squares and the little squares, I guess.  It's blockier and less intricate than the other one, but bolder too.  Style Steel wound up looking really silver, but it works and I like how they look together.

The image to the right of the one in the last combo was perfect for the bold contrast between Sinful Colors Got A Blush On You and Sally Hansen Quick Jeanius.

Got A Blush On You is too pink for me on its own, but I love the way the design pops out over it.  I'm nuts over this image in general.  It's a bit like something Japanese or maybe African in a way.  I can't quite place it, but it sends me right back to being bored while my mom looked at fabric.  I love patterns and colors, but textile work only ever made me grouchy.  Nails are way more fun!

The last one for today is Style Steel again, this time over Orly Teal Unreal and stamped with the second image in the third row.

Teal Unreal completely confounds my camera.  This isn't it at all.  More on that in my review of my picks from that collection....soon-ish.  I debated even putting this photo up, because I botched the stamping a bit on this one...but maybe it's not that noticeable.  I included it partly because it's weird how much warmer and more golden Style Steel looks here than it did over Treasure Chest.  Strange, isn't it?

These Cheeky plates are really habit-forming!  They both have soooooo many options that I feel kinda overwhelmed looking at them and trying to pick which to use.  I can't recommend them enough!  They're affordable and versatile.  I want more!!  I did pick up a few from other brands recently though, one from Messy Mansion and three from MoYou.  I'll probably be using the Messy Mansion one for my Thanksgiving mani next week.  I kinda wanna stamp ALL the nails now...AAAAHHH!!

Next week's posts from me are shaping up to be a bit more varied than usual.  I'm gonna do a whole post...on...*gasp* lips!  See you then and I hope you remembered to buy cranberry sauce!


  1. All the looks are amazing, but I'm soo in love with the first one! It's gorgeous :D

  2. Oh, no. You make me want to learn stamping... can you refer me to some good tutorials for beginners?

    1. You should! I can't think of a tutorial though. I watched a lot of videos, swore a blue streak, asked for help on the MUA Nail Board, and eventually bought a squishy stamper. I might do a tutorial myself someday....maybe...

  3. Can I ask why you take your photos at an angle instead of straight forward? I like the straight forward view so as to see the nail as a whole. =)


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