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Festive Fall Stamping

Hope all of our American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I did!  Food, family, was a great day and there are soooo many leftovers.  I started today off right with my traditional day after thanksgiving breakfast, but I love my mani too much to change it just yet.  I think it's one my my favorites of any full manis I've ever done.  It has tiny acorns!

Ta-da!  Tiny!  Acorns!!

I started off with Essie Sable Collar and an accent of OPI Muir Muir On The Wall.  Then I stamped over it using Color Club Sugar Rays and the Messy Mansion William Morris & Friends plate.  I'm in love with this plate!  It was a little pricey compared to some others but...TINY ACORNS!!!  My partner said they look like a "shiny ugly sofa", but he meant well...I think.  He did say he liked the designs.  My mom and sister thought they looked cool and noticed that they sorta matched the table cloth.  That was my inspiration, kinda, so yay!

Messy Mansion plates are available on their Etsy page and shipping is pretty reasonable, considering they come all the way from Australia.  The echidna stamp  on the envelope this plate came in was too cute!  (That's Sugar Rays on my nails in that photo, as it happens.)  The images on the plate are crisp and transfer well, plus the full-nail ones are MASSIVE!  I'm really happy with everything about this purchase and I'll probably wind up buying a couple more from them eventually.

How was your thanksgiving (if you celebrated) and are you snagging anything special for yourself in today's sales?  I've been good....mostly....


  1. When he said "shiny ugly sofa" did he mean brocade? They remind ME of brocade and I love them. The shades work well together and I love how crisp your stamping is.

    1. Thanks :) I think so! lol I was going for kinda a brocade look.


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