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Accidentally Sporty Stamping

I'm taking a cue from Nichole today and also doing a quick post.  I have SO MUCH stuff that's almost ready, but nothing that's gonna be finished today.  Grr.  So today you get some stamping I did recently.  It's too loud to really fit in a post with anything else.  I stamped over Sinful Colors Pull Over with L'Oreal The Temptress' Touch and the result turned out a bit...sports equipment.

I'm not sure which sport or what item though.  Ideas?  Anyway, the image is the last one in the fifth row on Cheeky Jumbo A.  I'm...not sure how I feel about this...

I mattified it, but that only intensified the familiar-yet-unspecified gym class vibe.

A sneaker?  Some kind of ball?  I...I don't know!

Tomorrow I might finally have my Influenster Jolly Vox Box review up.  Maybe.  Nichole put hers up what feels like forever ago...but then she lives somewhere that the weather isn't trying to eat her face...


  1. It's the pattern on, for example, a lot of soccer sports clothes. Think black Umbro shorts.

    1. You know...I think that's it! lol

    2. Lol, I was going to say dodgeball.

    3. I agree I think it is similar to a dodgeball texture! Either way it looks pretty good on the nails ;)


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