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Octopus Party Limited Edition Polish: Frost Bites

*who has two thumbs and is the official swatch master general of Octopus Party Nail Lacquer? This chick, right here! I am so thankful to Dave for offering me this opportunity. I can't wait to bring you the first looks at all the new stuff he has cooking!*

This awesome polish is called Frost Bites. Its a mix of shredded, micro, and extra-tiny glitters in a clear jelly base. It is completely different from anything I currently have, and I love it. It reminds me of a interpreted by 1960s clay-mation.

It is very dense, but I don't think it could be built up to opacity. I'm actually OK with that, because it is just dense enough that it doesn't require the dabbing that some glitters do. It brushes on evenly, which is such a nice surprise. Seems to be that the most amazing glitters need dabbing and prodding to get a good layer...and I hate that with an all-consuming rage.

Now for the important stuff:

On my index, middle, and pinkie I used two coats of Ink or Swim under two coats of Frost Bites. On my ring finger, I used four coats of Frost Bites alone under a coat of Gelous. But get this: the other 3 fingers didn't get a topcoat. And this stuff was smooooth. Like a freshly waxed baby. You can totally get away with a regular topcoat for this.(as much as I love Gelous, you really don't need it.) I don't know what kind of sorcery this is, but I hope he keeps it up!

In the title, I stated it was "limited edition". It really is. There are five other bottles in existence. It was created to announce an awesome sale for his shop: 15% off all orders!

*since I'm the official Swatch Master General (totally gave myself the title.) this is technically a sponsored post. I'm gonna go ahead and consider this a press sample. I wasn't asked to review it, and all the opinions are my own.*


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