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Ultra Girly Galaxy Nails...and a Bit More

I might be the tiniest bit obsessed with these new Octopus Party polishes. Tiny bit. Maybe. I had to do some art with them somehow, but with me being away from home for the last two months...the house is in major disarray. I had just enough energy tonight for a quick-and-dirty galaxy...I didn't even really pick the colors, these were just the ones left out on my desk.

I posted this on Instagram the night I did it, but I figured it needed a post all it's own. I was feeling so lethargic that I didn't even break out proper tools. I did this with cotton swabs and a pencil, rather than the usual sponges and dotting tools. Ugh. I feel so dirty. (OK not really. But I should.)

Colors Used
Octopus Party Solar Powered
OPI Alpine Snow
Rimmel London Wild Orchid
Wet 'n' Wild Through the Grapevine

And then, because I can't leave well-enough alone...I added a coat of my favorite jelly over the top. It took it from girly galaxy to mysterious pond. I still kinda like it, to be frank. The super glittery fabulousness of the Solar Powered base still shows through, but the rest of the colors are muted and mellowed. It gives me more and more ideas. Get used to seeing me in blue.

my girly galaxy, with a coat of Octopus Party
Ink or Swim

*as an aside, how are my pictures? Been using the new camera...only in Auto though. Photography classes are scheduled for February!


  1. Octopodes rule and so do galaxy nails. I'm gonna have to try those polishes!


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