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Merry xmas to me!

My xmas present "from my partner" finally arrived on Wednesday!  His present was letting me order directly from Russian brand Dance Legend.  He even let me pay for them.  (He pays the rent, so I did most of our xmas shopping.)  I don't mean to make him sound bad at all though.  He felt disappointed that they hadn't gotten here in time for xmas, so he gave me a couple of NYX polishes.  He'd gotten me one for my birthday once and he remembered that only one shop in the area carries them.  Really sweet of him! took two months, but six outstanding Chameleon multichromes are now mine!  They were out of Roz, but I didn't want to wait because Knight is LE, so I'll have to place another order to get Roz.  A couple of US sites have had it, but they sell out instantly.  I don't mind.  It's a good excuse to possibly order more of the Tops For Dark Polish line, among other tempting things on their site.

For today I'm just gonna throw a teaser of a couple of photos at you.  This is Knight...

I'm still taking photos because I wanna to it complete justice and I don't think I've quite caught it yet.  It's got so much to it.  If you remember the China Glaze New Bohemian collection, imagine Rare & Radiant shifting so much that it turns into Want My Bawdy.  I'm not exaggerating at all!

More (and hopefully better) photos of it and the others coming soon!  I just couldn't wait to show it off!


  1. Oh wowowowow, that is gorgeous ! Can't wait to see more pics of them. I'm glad you finally got them, 2 months is a long ass time to wait. Totally worth it tho for that kind of color.


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